Animated Website Graphic For Houston Law Firm

Jack Carroll, a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney, is one of my long time clients, as well as one of the first to enter a long term agreement with VizTV Media Services. We actually rebuilt his website, did all his SEO work, as well as most of the content writing, as well as some graphic design work. (We got him to the first page of Google for a number of terms which has grown his business as well.)

Click Here to Visit Jack Carroll’s Website.

We simply wanted to share, and portfoliorize (We’re not sure if portfoliorize is a word, but it works.) the animated header graphic we built for his web header.

The Old Version (We built this one in February 2013 and wasn’t happy with it.)


The Latest Version (This one was built today, at the time of this post, and we still aren’t happy with it.)


Its not much, because he refuses to let us get jiggy with it. He said he wanted it simple, classy, with Lady Justice holding the scales of justice, with the scales of justice moving up and down, and in the spirit of the cheesy header the last web design company made for him. Clearly, subpar, unsexy web headers aren’t the way to go, so this project is on going.

It just doesn’t have the “look” I want it to have. Yet.

Graphic Design – Continuation

Update – January 2014

We updated the header graphic on Jack B. Carroll’s website. See the new animated web graphic.

Jack B. Carroll's web header.

This version of the header is much more becoming of whats being represented. Quality, class, and effectiveness. Mission complete. If you are in need of graphic design or web design services, contact us or call 713-443-7578 to discuss your project with us.

Animated Website Header Graphic For Houston Law Firm