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Contract Photography Services

We Capture, Edit, and Improve Photos

Looking for a photographer in Houston?

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Hiring a professional photographer in Houston is a great way to capture memorable moments, document incidents, express your artistic side, and to add value to special events.

At VizTV Media Services, we understand the importance of giving our clients a great final product and getting it right the first time. Live-action event photography requires a split-second reaction time while studio settings are much more forgiving. Our photographers know what it takes to capture excellent photos for our clients, and we have the equipment to get the job done right.

Below, we’ve listed more information about the photography services we provide. If you have any questions or would like to hire a photographer in Houston, call VizTV Media Services today at 713-443-7578.

Overview of our Photography Services

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Special Event Photography

If We Capture It, You Can Relive It

Since 2012, VizTV Media Services has provided support for special events of all types in the Greater Houston region. We’ve provided media support for concerts, corporate events, product marketing displays, private gatherings, accident investigations for law firms, and more. Outlined below are some of the most common requests of our special events media team.

Family Gatherings
Corporate Events
Concerts & Performances
Birthday Parties
Weddings & Anniversaries
Charitable Functions
Conferences & Expos
Runway Photography
Sporting Events
Proms & Dances
Video Production Services

Photo Editing

The Photographer’s Photo Editor

Unbeknownst to most, we’ve rescued several “professional” photographer’s projects and take great pride in the confidence they have in us to make their final photos deliverable to their clients. Whether you’re a photographer or not, we’re ready to help you add quality to your photos. Listed below are a few of the most common reasons that our clients need our photo editing services.

Background Removal
Mass Photo Retouching
Skin Edits
Artifact Removal
Color Adjustments
Deep Fake Detection

Photo Restoration

Making Old Photos Great Again

Make no mistake about it; we are not able to help every client that contacts our office regarding our photo restoration services. At best, we’re able to provide a quality service to roughly 50-70% of the individuals that come to us for help. Some of the most common reasons we’re contacted for photo restoration are listed below, and we’re usually able to help.

Colorizing Photos
Damage Mitigation
Simulated Environments
Sharpening & Deblurring
Photoshop Certified
Minimal to No Footprint

Wedding Photography

Memories Matter. No Mulligans!

Whether you’re a professional wedding planner or going it alone with the planning of your wedding ceremony, you can rely on VizTV Media Services for assistance. We understand the structure of traditional weddings and can assure you of full-service wedding photography. Listed below are some of the main aspects of wedding photography of which our clients inquire.

Engagement Photos
Banquet & Reception
Marriage Ceremony
Wedding Fashion Shots
Video Production

Aerial Photography

Your Eye In The Sky

VizTV Media Services is a professional, licensed Houston drone company. If you’re looking for solutions to capture photos of an instance at a high elevation or of a wide area, we have the drone technology and the operational skill to get you the media content you need. Listed below are some of the main reason companies and private individuals contact us for aerial drone photography services.

Damage Assessments
Building Inspections
Real Estate Sales
Event Photography
Agricultural Support
FAA Certified Operator

360° Photos & Virtual Tours

3D Media, A Higher Form of Content

360° degree virtual tours, photos, and videos are instrumental pieces of media content. As a Google Street View Trusted photographer, we know the benefits that 3D virtual tours offer. From real estate marketing advantages to additional search engine visibility for local businesses, 3D virtual tours are now an indispensable component of media, engineering, and marketing. If you’re looking for a virtual tour company in Houston, consider VizTV Media Services for your 360° media capture needs.

Commercial Support
Real Estate Marketing
Contractor Support
360° Panoramic Photos & Video
Google Street View Trusted
3D Measurement Capable

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