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About VizTV

A General Overview of the Company

Our Business

VizTV Media Services is based in Houston, TX. We’re located and maintain office space in Downtown Houston, TX. We’re a creative firm which provides graphic design, website design, web hosting & management, video production, SEO, PPC campaign management, and photography-related services to our clients.

Our History

Although we’ve provided fantastic services to our clients since 2010, VizTV Media Services, as a stand-alone organization, was officially launched back in October of 2012 which decoupled it from Tha Federation, a creative media group that now stands dormant. The founder and chief executive of VizTV Media Services is Mr. Ray’Von Shanklin or “Shank Shizank,” who is also known as “Viz or VizFact” in some circles, hence the company name.

Our Clients

Over the years, we’ve worked with all sorts of people ranging from complete psychos to exceptional individuals of high moral character like ourselves.

Our former and current clients include nationally recognized brands like Aramark and a small faction within HBO, local law firms like Tad Nelson & Associates and Bennett & Bennett, national firms like Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc, recording artists like Underboss Flawless & Breelan Angel, a few players in the industrial sector such as Braskem, Wilco Supply, LLC, JTB Tools, & American Exploration Inc., a host of local recording labels, small businesses, and a handful of (other) local creative firms which often hire us to save their asses when they ruin a project.

We are VizTV Media Services.

Our Culture

If we could sum up our culture in a few words, it would have to be something to the effect of “a ferocious pursuit of excellence, perfection, and customer enchantment,” or something like that. We culturally enrich our clients every time we complete a task, produce a video, help a client to succeed in the online search market, update a website, make a grammatical correction, or anything that means we served our client with uncompromising excellence.

That’s us; we’re uncompromising excellence. We fight for our clients in the marketplace. We’re their warriors: no prisoners, no mulligans, no excuses. Execute, execute, execute! Hustle first!

The Team

A General Overview of Our Team

We’re a group of professionals who that strive to serve our clients.
Your problems are ours to resolve. We’re in this together. Results Matter.

res ipsa loquitur

Team Members

Daniel Schmidt

Shank’s Asst. Trainee
Camera Operator
Video Editor
Independent Film Maker

Jim Vogel

Pro Cinematographer
Video Sat-Truck Operator
Steadi-Cam Operator
HD Live Streaming Expert
Independent Film Maker

Jamerson Vaughn

Super Saiyan Red Rock
Video Pro
Comps Creator
Raw Talent
Independent Film Maker

Shank Shizank

“VizFact: The Dude”
Navy Seal of SEO
Webmaster of Leisure
Low-Key Marketing Guru
Independent Film Maker

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Contact Details

VizTV Media Services
405 Main Street #504
Houston, TX 77002

THE LAB: 713-893-7288
PHONE: 713-443-7578
TOLL FREE: 1-888-250-4189

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