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About Jim Vogel

AKA, Jamie

Jim “Jamie” Vogel

His Biography & Professional Profile

Jim is a fine gentleman, a lover of humanity, a believer in The Higher Power, and a native of the Philadelphia (Lancaster) region of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Jim is an avid dog lover and the proud owner of three loving dogs named, Koda, Maddy, and Abby.

The Dogs

Koda is a boxer that’s roughly 7 years old that’s very affectionate and leans his head sideways when you talk to him as if he’s working to understand what you’re saying to him. He has an excellent vocabulary and understands words like food, bed, walk, and toy.

Maddy, a Yorkshire terrier, reminds Jim of the Disney’s Eeyore, the donkey that demonstrates a marginalized attitude.

Abby, another Yorkshire terrier, was a special needs dog for Jim’s late wife Kerri (pictured with Jim) who has since attached herself to Jim as if he’s in need of a special needs dog. She was trained to “be there,” and now Jim’s the only one she can be there for. She’s a comical dog.

More on Jim

Jim believes prioritizing the needs of others first, should be paramount for those who would like to be prioritized. He strives to empower others and put them first.

The History of Jim Vogel

Pro Cinematographer

Top Houston Cinematographer Jim Vogel
Jim Vogel
Fondling his Steadicam

Back in the 70s, Jim started his career as a cinematographer be joining his high school’s film club.

One of the first highlights of Jim’s early career was approaching the end of that school year. The teacher who started the film club found out that Jim was more knowledgeable than he was about videography and cinematography. Subsequently, he turned the class over to him to instruct upon finding out about his skillset and responsibility for the high school’s game tape.

His earliest milestone was when the film club was started; the high school football coach approached Jim with a request to film all of the high school’s football games in 16mm film.

This milestone was quickly followed up by his involvement with a State of Pennsylvania video project. A former student that was continuing his education in film-making was awarded the Pennsylvania Endowment of the Art Grant and came back to his former high school in an attempt to deploy the grant. He was looking for the best of the best of the high school’s film club participants to assist him with the production of the film. Jim was quickly recommended by the school’s administrators and that was the official beginning of his career as a film-maker. The name of the film was “The Whiter Shade of Pale.” The film was produced for the purpose of drug prevention and awareness with a musical theme based on the famed drug addict song of the same name by Procol Harum.

After high school, he was awarded free tuition for three months at Penn State University in return for working on their yearbook and earned his Electronics Engineer degree two years later as a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Technology (CIT).

More information on Jim’s education can be found below.


That Which Mr. Vogel Does

Since roughly the mid 70s, Mr. Vogel has continuously worked in the film and movie industry. His work ranges producing live events and concerts to working with Fortune 500 companies on to the more familiar forms of video such as movies and made-for-TV specials.

Listed below is a snapshot Mr. Vogel’s experiences.

Director of Photography
Event Production Specialist
Live Event Director & Coordinator
Former Tech. Director for BET Broadcasts
Certified Panavision & Arri 35mm Camera Operator
Camera Operation & Networking Specialist
Apprentice of Walter Lassel
Former Director with BBC
Lighting Coordinator
TV Commercials & Ad Campaigns
Movies & TV Specials
Technical Design Engineer & Manager
Executive Producer
Texas Film-Maker
Camera Operations
Electrical & Lighting (Gaffer)
Audio Engineer
Grip & 1st Asst.
Steadycam & Jib Operation
Video Production
Troubleshooting & Technical Direction
Script Conceptionist


Knowledge Matters.

  • Federal License: UBNT Certification (Microwave Installation Design Engineer)
  • Work Experience: City of Stafford (TX) – Systems Administrator & Establish TV Station Operations for City of Stafford (TX)
  • Work Experience: Microwave Filter of Syracuse, NY – transmission troubleshooting & consulting for cable & TV companies nationally.
  • Certification: Panavision & Arri 35mm Film Camera Operator

Res Ipsa Loquitur

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