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Music Video Production

Looking for a Music Videographer in Houston?

Contact VizTV Media Services. We’ll Make It Happen!

If you’re in Houston, TX, and you’re looking for options to produce a high-end video production fit for TV or to promote your entertainment brand online, VizTV Media Services is ready to help you. Our creative teams are willing to get in the nitty-gritty and work to develop a masterpiece for you.

We provide a full-service experience to our clients. Our video production service includes cinematography, videography, video editing, project planning, skilled personnel, and marketing options. If you have questions about teaming up with VizTV Media Services for your project or other general inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us at 713-443-7578 or by sending us a message.

A Few Recent Videos…

This website is under construction. We have yet to publish our reel or a decent portfolio of our work. However, we’ve added a few recent videos, which are still in production, to give visitors to our website an idea of our capabilities and production quality.

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Music Video: Karma by Muzik Box

Muzik Box - Karma - Music Video

Music Video: Bird's Eye View by iRoc

Bird's Eye View

The Music Video Production Process

Our Methodology

The production of a music video is an intensive process with multiple facets which we’ll attempt to shed light on. The process of producing a music video starts with the music and an idea for the visual interpretation of that music. The planning for the visualization of that idea is the most important part of the process as it determines the steps the videographer must take to achieve the desired end. Outlined in the bullet list below are the steps we usually take during the music video production process.

  • Gaining Familiarity with the Music & Artist
  • Consulting the Artist & Developing the Idea as a Team
  • Time-Coding Shot Plans
  • Developing or Obtaining Props
  • Determining the Need & Feasibility of Comps (Special Effects)
  • Lighting Direction
  • Photography Direction (Organizing the Set)
  • Executing the Shoot
  • Editing the Video
  • Producing the Final Version of the Video

Working with VizTV Media Services

Benefits & Expectations

VizTV Media Services provides its clients with multiple benefits and we expect our clients to have high expectations. Two of the main advantages of working with us are that you’ll have access to all of your files and can expect a professional experience with us throughout your service period. In the following list, we’ve outlined the main benefits of choosing VizTV Media Services for your music video production needs.


  • Immediate Access to All Raw Media Files (Cloud File Access)
  • Access to our Project Management System (Know Our Progress)
  • Access to Our Suite of Technologies (Aerial 4K HD Video, 360° Video, Compositing)
  • Sharp, Clean Edits and Audio Synchronization
  • Timely Turnaround on Project (Two Weeks Max)
  • High Definition, Crisp Video
  • Full Transparency With Regard to Shot Lists & Execution Planning
  • Access to Our Marketing Apparatuses
  • Discount on Cover Art
  • Discount on Web Design & Hosting


  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Punctuality
  • Cooperation
  • Dedication
  • Focus

The above-listed expectations are mutual and essential to fashioning exceptional work. We are always focused and dedicated to our client’s projects. When our clients share our expectations, great things happen.

Ways & Means

Prices & Money

Each video is different. Each artist is different. All prices are different.

The bullet list below outlines the variables that may impact the cost of a “professional” video shoot.

  • Local Permitting
  • Extras & Talent
  • Crew & Grip
  • Venue Rental Fees
  • Equipment Rental Fees
  • Vehicle Rental Fees
  • Mileage & Travel Expenses
  • Compositions & 3D Renderings
  • Set Construction & Props

Our minimum fee for any type of video project ranges between $750.00 & $1250.00. The average price for a “professional” music video shoot is $4,500.00 on the low end and $50,000.00+ on the high end.

If you’re interested in hiring VizTV Media Services for your music video project, we’re interested in hearing your music, assessing your budget, and working with you to develop a gameplan based on said ideas & budget. We’ve worked with artists from many musical genres including rap, trap, country, pop, rock, and others. If you have any questions or would like to get started, call 713-443-7578 today.

Houston Music Videography & Video Production

VizTV Media Services

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