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Website Management

We Manage & Maintain Busy Websites

Your Website Is A Reflection of Your Business

It Must Be Properly Managed, Updated, & Maintained

Most business owners and management teams often allow their websites to fall by the wayside or come up short in its proper representation of the company. VizTV Media Services can affect positive change in this regard with our persistent website maintenance and management services.

Our website management services include everything from broken link checks, image optimization, competitive oversight, to website updates, virus and malware defense, and more.

With over 15 years of experience management & developing websites, you can expect excellence service, an optimal experience, and peace of mind knowing that your online presence is in good hands.

Website Maintenance & Management Overview

Project & Task Management System
On Demand & Periodic Website Updates
Timely Software Updates
Website Hacking & Malware Defense
E-Commerce & Online Store Support
Professional Webmaster Support

Webmaster Support

With experienced webmaster support, the benefits are plentiful. Our webmasters have experience with SEO, graphic design, content writing, website optimization and more.

Content & Seasonal Updates

In many instances a static website doesn’t get the job done. During certain seasons and situational environments justify timely updates. If you need changes or updates on demand…

Technology & Security

From combating hackers to ensuring that the technology and content management system used to operate your website is up to date, we’ll keep an eye on things.

SEO Consultations

VizTV Media Services is one of Houston’s oldest SEO firms. If we see something that could be done to increase your website’s visibility online in the search engines, we’ll say something.

Social Media Management

If you’re a business owner with a web presence, you probably have accounts or pages dedicated to your business on all major social media platforms. VizTV Media Services provides management and search engine optimization services for all of our client’s assets on major social media platforms.

Online Store & Ecommerce Support

We’re also ready to provide assistance for businesses which need online payment gateways or a website they can own & self-host which features products and product lines.

Accountability & Collaboration

We utilize two technologies which helps us to better collaborate with our clients; Sync & Feng. Feng is task management software that we use to keep ourselves and our clients up to date with the progression of any given project. Sync is the cloud we use for file management & collaboration.

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