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PPC Campaign Management

Use Targeted Ads To Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business With Targeted Ads

We Provide Efficient PPC Campaign Management Services

  • Need professional help with the profitable operation of your pay-per-click campaign?
  • Are you looking for a well-trained pro for your Google Ads campaign?
  • Need a PPC Agency that cares enough about your campaign to monitor it constantly?
  • Are you looking for a Houston PPC agency that generally cares for your business?
  • Are you looking for a PPC agency that doesn’t get comfortable nor rests on its laurels?
  • Are you looking for a PPC agency that will level the playing field with the competition?
  • Looking for a Houston PPC agency that will be responsible with your PPC ad budget?

You’ve Found it!

We Are VizTV Media Services!

The Efficient & Responsible PPC Management Agency!

We are VizTV Media Services, a premier pay per click (PPC) company and Certified Google Partner based in Houston, TX. Our team of certified PPC experts has years of experience helping businesses in Houston and throughout the United States to drive qualified traffic to their websites and increase conversions through targeted, data-driven PPC campaigns.

What Is Pay Per Click Marketing?

An Effective Marketing Tactic To Grow Your Business.

PPC marketing entails running ads which appear in the organic search results of search engines after users initiate a query. This is a form of search engine marketing or SEM. Usually, you’ll see the text ads at the top of Google (which is great place for your ad to be). If the user’s query is related to a solution that your business provides, then you could potentially gain new customers or spur lead generation if your ad appears as one of the results to their search queries.

For this reason, PPC marketing in Google Adwords or Microsoft’s Bing Ads are among the most effective digital advertising strategies around. In fact, PPC marketing is a great way for small businesses to gain qualified business leads which can mean more potential clients.

Have Questions?

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From PPC marketing strategy development to campaign management & optimization, we offer a full range of PPC services designed to help all types of businesses succeed online. Our proven track record and satisfied clients in Houston speak for themselves – see for yourself by reviewing our testimonials. Contact us today for more info about how we can help your business obtain great results through effective PPC advertising.

Our Services

PPC Ad Management

We provide paid search ad management for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and others.

Analytics & Reporting

Our detailed monthly reports cover costs, interactions, call records, and campaign values.

Social Ad Campaign Management

Our Houston PPC team also provides management for ad campaigns on all social media platforms.

A/B Testing

We test multiple ad and landing page copies and to see what performs better.

Ad Campaign Audits

We provide thorough, detailed SEO & PPC campaign audits. We’ll help you check on things.

Competitive Analysis

We respect your competition enough to see if we can learn from them. We audit them thoroughly.

Conversion Tracking

We also track & analyze campaign performance to identify areas for improvement to improve ROI.


If the data’s there, we can show ads to users who’ve interacted with your website & social profiles.

Why Choose VizTV Media Services?

Campaign Development Never Ends!

We provide a wide array of services for the purpose of continuously improving the performance of the PPC campaigns under our management and our clients’ ROI.

Strategy Development

We’ll develop a customized strategy for your business that aligns with your goals and target audience.

Keyword Research

We’ll help you identify the most relevant and effective keywords to target in your campaigns.

Ad Copywriting

Our marketing team will write compelling ad copy to attract clicks and drive conversions.

Campaign Setup & Management

We’ll set up and manage your PPC campaigns, including creating ad groups and targeting specific audiences.

Bid Management

We’ll optimize your bids to ensure that your ads are seen by the right people at the right time for a fair price.

Landing Page Optimization

We create and optimize landing pages to improve the user experience and increase conversions continuously.

Conversion Tracking

We also track & analyze campaign performance to identify areas for improvement to improve ROI.

Periodic Campaign Monitoring

We analyze Pay Per Click campaigns under our management every 24 to 72 hours.

Happy Clients Make Happier Days!

We Make Very Happy Time!

Working with VizTV Media Services

Our Method of Launching A New PPC Campaign

Outlined in the accordion below is a generalized overview of the steps we take when launching a new PPC campaign. Please become aware with our process before making contact with our agency. There’s important information about operating a PPC campaign that we would like for all of our clients to be aware of.

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How Pricing Works

An Overview of Costs & Fees

Set Up Fee: $400.00 for each unique campaign. A unique campaign is defined as one that requires a unique landing page, conversion tracking, tracked phone, or ad copy.

Monthly Management Fee: 10% of ad spend first 90 days, then 15% of ad spend afterwards.

Minimum Monthly PPC Budget: $2,000.00.

Minimum Commitment Period: Six Months

Need Help With Your PPC Campaign?

Let’s Get Started on Your PPC Marketing Project Today!

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the best ways to get access to people who are actively search for solutions that your business provides. As a Houston PPC company since 2019 and an SEO agency since 2011, few Houston PPC agencies are more qualified to operate your company’s PPC campaign than us. We’re champions of integrity, trusted by mom & pop shops as well as countless members of the Fortune 500, and we take pride in doing a great job for our clients.

Whether you’re interested in starting a new PPC campaign, need a PPC audit, or if you want to replace your current PPC campaign manager, we ready to assist. We’re always responsible with our clients advertising budgets and we’ll provide competent administration of yours too. If you have questions about our Houston PPC management services contact us today at 713-443-7578 or send us a message using our contact form. We accept clients based in Houston, TX, and throughout the United States.

Houston PPC Management Services

VizTV Media Services

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