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Music Art Design

Album, MP3, and CD Cover Design

We Create & Compose Album Covers

Booklets, Inserts, Graphic & Lyric Videos

Since 2011 we’ve had lots of experiences creating customized graphic sets for artists of varying music genres, writers, and others whose business involves a compelling presentation of media content. If you’re a performing artist or charged with managing a performing artist, and you’re looking for a reliable resource in Houston for your album cover and other graphic design needs, you can rely on VizTV Media Services.

Overview of Services

Book Cover Design
Insert Booklet Design
Poster Design
Tray Card Design
CD Face Design
Front & Back Design
DigiPak & CD Cover Design
Animation & Lyric Videos

The Way We Work

Because Thought Processes Matter

To our design team, building an album cover is so much more than installing a photo of the artist along with text that highlights the name of the artist and the song or other product. We understand that people “judge books by their cover” as they probably should. We’re graphic designers. We need people to judge books by their cover.

Outlined below are the factors we take into account when entrusted with our client’s cover design projects.

  • We need to understand the identity of the artist and their audience. Such an understanding can go a long way to properly harmonizing the content with the content’s creator and consumer.
  • Next, a concept for the design art must be settled upon. Did we want to go full-minimalist? Do we want lots of pop or just a touch of class? Cartoony or modern-artsy? It depends. That’s why identity (see above bullet) affirmation is essential.
  • Finally, the color scheme, fonts & typography, use of photos and styling can be determined, while the requirements of the distributor are implemented.

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