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SEO Audits

Wanna do your own SEO work?

Use our SEO audit services. Let our skill and experience guide you.

Houston SEO Audit Services
We take great pains to provide concise, detailed, first-class audits.

If you’re all about your rugged individualism and want to conduct your SEO operations independently, we’ll provide the oversight and strategies you’ll need to get on the path to success.

Our SEO audit services include an audit of your website, your web presence, that of your competitors, and a detailed list of suggestions and instructions that we recommend – in one comprehensive report.

SEO Audit Report Overview

The Deliverables

  • On-Site SEO Audit: Includes a detailed list or spreadsheet of actions that you should take on your site.
  • On-Page SEO Audit: We’ll provide help with ranking individual pages, products, and services.
  • Off-Site SEO Audit: This part of the report offers suggestions of actions which should be taken offsite, and how to get them completed. This includes leads for 20-to-40 back-links and local citations with high page authority.
  • Social Media Audit: We will provide a review of your social media accounts in addition to improvement suggestions. This includes Google Maps, Google My Business, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Tumblr, WordPress, professional, and other 3rd party profiles which we count as “off-site assets.”
  • Third Party Audits: We’ll provide at least two 3rd party corporate-class website audit reports in addition to our internal audit.
  • Market Intelligence Audits: We’ll research your market’s space to help you determine which search queries to target and the general value of investing effort in the particular region’s market. In other words, we’ll tell which keywords you need to target.
  • Backlink Audits: We’ll provide a list of all the detectable backlinks to your site, and that of up to 4 of your competitors.
  • Competitive Audits: We’ll investigate your competitors and inform you of their best practices.
  • Image Audit: We’ll help you get your images optimized and geo-tagged.
  • Video Overview: We’ll provide a visual overview of your report, and upload the video privately to a video sharing service for your convenience as a handy reference.
  • One-on-One Coaching: We’ll provide up to 4 hours of support and educational mentorship to help you understand our report, your market, and SEO in general. Coaching can be in person or via an online webinar.

Ready to make things right on your site?

Let Us Conduct Your SEO Audit & Consultation

The price of a comprehensive VizTV Media Services SEO audit report is $750.00.

We’ll get the report completed in two weeks, and will help you to translate it into actionable data. As a top rated Houston SEO company, we take great pains to provide concise, detailed, first-class audits to our clients, which includes you.

For more information about our SEO audit services or to get started, contact us by phone at 1-888-250-4189 or send us an SEO audit request form.

Houston SEO Audit & Consultation Services

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