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Apple Pro Res Video Producers in Houston
Apple ProRes Raw Video Producers in Houston
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Dolby Vision - Houston Video Producers
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
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Need a Video Production Company in Houston?

We’ll Help You Get A Memorable Message Out.

When a business or individual needs a video produced, it’s because there’s an important message to deliver. We understand that a chance to impress upon the potential audience is a significant opportunity, so the message has to be delivered with a touch of excellence. At VizTV Media Services, we produce high-quality professional videos for our clients in and around the Houston area. If you have an important project in mind that demands leveraging the power of video, we’re here to help.

Why Hire a Professional Videographer?

There are many reasons for hiring a professional cinematographer to bring your message to life with high definition visuals. The main reason is credibility. When a high quality video is produced to compliment a product, artist, business, or other enterprise, the production values of the video lends credibility to the featured concept.

On the flip side, if a low quality video with poor sound is produced, then, well, it’s just not a “good look.”

For video production projects related to marketing, online ads, TV spots, corporate use, commercials, training, music videos, weddings, special events, and other moments worth capturing for future presentation or marketing efforts, having the “right look” is essential.

If you’re interested in a high quality, professionally edited video project, we’re a 5-star rated Houston video production company. If your project is in our hands, you can trust us to take all the steps needed to make it perfect.

Our Video Production Process

Video Production 1 - Creative Conference Meeting

Phase 1

Creative Conference Meeting

We meet in person or via webinar to discuss various aspects of the video production project such as concepts, competitors, looks, feels, goals, audience, costs & pricing, post production editing, and we meet!

Video Production 2 - Treatment Development

Phase 2

Topic Immersion & Treatment Development

In this phase, we spend time with the details of the vision for the project. Then, we create a few production documents which may include a general shot list, an abstract, a list of extra footage we’d like to capture, sketches where necessary, technical data, WiFi passwords, etc. Once the shot-list, abstract, and any additional creative goals we’ve documented are approved, we move on to pre-production planning.

Video Production 3 - Pre-Production Planning

Phase 3

Pre-Production Planning

During the pre-pro phase of the project, we develop venues or locations (if needed) which involves scouting & recon. This may involve a 3D tour for our internal use or photography of various aspects of the “set.” At this point we would also acquire any permits, gear, crew, extras, props, and other assets that may be required to make it happen.

After pre-production planning is complete, a final estimate (production budget) can be drafted.

Video Production 4 - Scheduling the Shoot

Phase 4


During this phase we develop times, operational periods, and project execution dates.

Canon EOS C500 Mark II in Houston

Phase 5

Action! Production Begins

The production phase is when the people show up, the gear is assembled, the lights are turned on, positioning & framing of the first shot takes place, and we begin executing the operational plan from Phase 2.

Video Editor Working on Music Video

Phase 6

Post Production

In Post, we organize all captured media files, upload all files to our data cloud for safe keeping, and we begin the process of editing the final video. During this process we color grade the footage, add production values such as animations, effects, transitions & subtitles, process & master the audio, and get that puppy ready for a draft preview.

Video Production 7 - File Delivery

Phase 7


Delivery occurs after all work efforts in post are approved by our client, we’ve added our final touches, and we’ve resolved all dues.

Video Production 1 - Creative Conference Meeting
Video Production 2 - Treatment Development
Video Production 3 - Pre-Production Planning
Video Production 4 - Scheduling the Shoot
Canon EOS C500 Mark II in Houston
Video Editor Working on Music Video
Video Production 7 - File Delivery

Recently Produced Videos

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Music Video: Fallen Soldiers

Fallen Soldiers - Overlay.00_03_51_07.Still001
Produced in 2022 for Jonathan Michael Fleming

Corporate Video: Han's Laser

Han's Laser - Promotional Corporate Video Production
Produced in 2022 for Han’s Laser

Educational Lecture: Dr. Tom Jesson

Sciatica - Still
Produced in 2021 For Trust-Me.Ed

Music Video: All My Life by Str8Kash R.J.

Str8Kash RJ - R Jizzle
Produced in 2020 for Str8Kash R.J.

Corporate Video: Stepp & Sullivan P.C.

Law Firm and Corporate Video Production - Houston
Produced in 2019 for Stepp & Sullivan

Music Video: Bring it On by Petra Marie

Bring It On - Pop Music Video
Produced in 2021 for Petra Marie

Sports Highlights: Noah Rosales

Noah Rosales - Lamar HS Football Highlights
Produced in 2021 for Rosales Sports

Music Video: Karma by Muzik Box

Karma Music Video
Produced in 2020 for Music Box Muzik

Marketing Video: Delivery Guardian

Delivery-Guardian - Product Video
Produced in 2017 for DG’s GoFundMe Campaign

Music Video: The Bird's Eye View

Music Video Still - iRoc in "Bird's Eye View."
Produced in 2020 for Black Ink Productions

Live Performance Video: Michelle Collins

Comedy Show Still - River Oaks
Produced in 2019 for Michelle Collins

Our Video Production Services

Live Streaming & Broadcast

VizTV Media Services provides multi-camera HD & 4K video live-streaming  services with lots of useful options and capabilities. Whether you’re taking on social media, TV, or both, we’ll make broadcasting a reality.

Videos for Business

Need to produce a training, marketing, or presentation video to support a small business or large corporation? Educate our team on your expectations and goals. Then, we’ll make the project a viable reality.

Marketing Videos

Need marketing videos to promote your company online or to add content to your website? Videos are a powerful tool which are an effective manner of communicating a concept. We make really good videos. We can help you.

Video Enhancement

In some cases, we can rescue poor video and audio. We’ve helped a few law firms and insurance companies in the past. Although we make no guarantees, if you need our help, we’ll give it a good old fashioned try.

Aerial Video Capture

If the project demands it, we’ll take video production to the skies. We operate multiple 4K aerial drones which are great for industrial and entertainment purposes that require high quality video or photography.

Music Video Production

We shoot, edit, and produce excellent music videos for artists in Houston of all musical genres. A music video editor, director and full production crew are available. We’re able to work with almost all budgets.

Video Editing & Videography

If you’re looking for a videographer or video editor in Houston, contact us. By now, you should know that we produce videos for all purposes sans porn.

Events & Concerts

Hosting a concert, conference, or major event in Texas? We can provide multiple cameras, perspectives, and a seamless final product, live production & overflow room experience.

Wanna Talk Video Production?

Give us a call. Let’s discuss the project.

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