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Videography & Related Services

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One of the tasks we enjoy the most is video editing and recording live footage. As artists ourselves, it’s almost impossible to not find fulfillment in seeing the many fine adjustments that go into a piece result in an awesome rendition of the spirit of the original intent of the artist. This is representative of what art means to VizTV Media Services and is the foundation of how we view the process of video editing, videography, and engaging in the other media services we provide.

Why Hire a Professional Videographer?

There are many reasons for hiring a professional cinematographer to bring your message to life with high definition visuals. A few of those reasons include marketing, corporate use, commercials, music videos, weddings, parties, special events, and other moments worth capturing and saving for future presentation. Otherwise, you could give it a go with your cell phone and not call us.

We at VizTV Media Services are not against the idea of folks making video productions with their cell phones. In fact, we encourage the practice. If you own a high-end cell phone, you don’t need to hire a videographer. We published our video section for no good reason.

Production Truck

VizTV Media Services now offers a multicamera video & TV production truck with live 4k & HD broadcast capabilities. It’s full equipped, located in the Houston area, and may be available on short notice.

Company Videos

Need to produce a training, marketing, or presentation video for a small business or large corporation? Educate our team on your expectations and goals. Then, we’ll make the project a viable reality.

Marketing Videos

Need marketing videos to promote your company online or for content on your website? Videos are a powerful tool which are an effective manner of communicating a concept. We make videos. We can help you.

Video Enhancement

In some cases, we can rescue poor video and audio. We’ve helped a few law firms and insurance companies in the past. Although we make no guarantees, if you need assistance, we may be able to help.

Aerial Video Capture

If the project demands it, we’ll take video production to the skies. We operate multiple 4K aerial drones which are great for industrial and entertainment purposes which require high definition video or photography.

Music Video Production

We shoot, edit, and produce excellent music videos for artists in Houston of all musical genres. A music video editor, director and full production crew are available. We’re able to work with almost all budgets.

Video Editing & Videography

If you’re looking for a videographer or video editor in Houston, contact us. By now, you should know that we produce videos for all purposes sans porn.

Events & Concerts

Have a concert, conference, or major event in Texas? We can provide multiple cameras, angles, and a flawless, seamless final product, live production or overflow room experience.