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Company Website Not Showing up in Search?

We’re the Houston SEO company that resolves SEO problems.

Most businesses and small business owners realize a great benefit when their website can be found on page one or two of Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s search results for broad match keywords. Every SEO Firm in existence will promise to get your website to page one visibility on Google for a set of keywords; then, it doesn’t happen.

How SEOs prepare breakfast
Pictured: An SEO preparing a client account for service. (This is how real SEOs do it.)

This happen from time to time.

No hard-working business owner should have to deal with a webmaster, web designer, or SEO firm who takes advantage of their lack of understanding of such complex matters as SEO, then bills them for it.

Generally, what happens is they’ll hire a webmaster, payout boatloads of money, get promised the world, payout boatloads of money again, and end up with nothing to show for the investment they’ve made in their websites other than a half baked web portal which serves little, if any, purpose to your business.

VizTV Media Services is the Houston SEO company that can change that.

About Our SEO Services

A Gerald R. Ford Class SEO Super-Carrier.

We tackle SEO projects from a multi-faceted offensive strategy with the goal of penetrating specific search markets for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Our clients are granted access to all work records via our data-storage cloud, which includes a list of all accounts we’ve built in their name, a record of all actions taken during their perpetual website management campaigns, social media management campaigns, access to our internal project management and task tracking tools, human-generated monthly reports, and summaries of future game-plans, and more.

We also operate (own) multiple web-hosting companies for the purpose of physically locating website files in the city where the business is located. This is real SEO, not the stuff of dreams. If you’re looking for a Houston SEO company you can trust that will get the job done, contact us today.

Our SEO Strategy

Website Design & On Page Optimization

Our SEO campaigns start with web design. Having a fast, user-friendly website is one of the more important ranking factors. Ensuring you have a speedy website is a primary cornerstone of our SEO strategy. Most SEO companies will immediately engage in link building without taking into account technical SEO factors like page optimization, detailed & rich meta descriptions, and website design in their SEO strategies. As an experienced local Houston SEO agency, we know the value of relevant content creation. Ensuring the quality of the on page SEO of the website or landing page itself is the first part of our SEO efforts.

Site migrations to a sufficient web hosting service provider are not uncommon for our new clients but will be avoided if possible. This may be necessary if we’re having trouble making your website load faster on your current web host. Although rare, some web hosting companies are “bad neighborhoods” and should be avoided as web hosts for small businesses with websites seeking to get high rankings.

Developing A Marketing Strategy

Whether the goal is to succeed in a national or local SEO campaign, we need to understand the potential customers, your competition, and the market environment. Then, we can quickly determine if we’re in one of the more highly competitive markets. If the market is highly competitive, then we’ll need to spend time studying your competitors that are on the first page of Google. We do this to determine how they achieved their search engine rankings. Then, we can work on reverse engineering and improve upon the proven strategy to push your website up in the search engine results.

Once your website ranks on page one or top 3 in the Google map pack, you’ll see a considerable rise in new customers and potential clients.

Analyzing Your Competition

One of the main components of our SEO marketing strategy is to have a deep understanding of your competition’s online presence. Our SEO team will develop a backlink profile on your competitor’s website, gather traffic estimates, determine if Google Ads are being leveraged, and see which keywords they’re leveraging for high rankings in the major search engines. Then, we can develop the best strategy for your company and engage in high effort, high level marketing activities to get you the best results in the shortest time frame.

We’ve provided SEO services to local businesses in Houston for over 10 years. We know the impact a high ranking website can have on generating quality traffic and the benefit it lends to inbound marketing efforts. That’s why you’re reading this. As a local SEO company ourselves that’s engaged in local search marketing, we know how much positive results can impact what matters most; the bottom line.

We Implement Custom Digital Marketing Solutions

We’re a Houston digital marketing firm in the Houston SEO consultant market. It’s a competitive market. The national or local market of your business is likely highly competitive too. We know what it takes to succeed in highly competitive niches and markets and what it takes to go to the next level.

Whether your business is located in Houston, elsewhere in Texas or the United States, we’ll develop a customized online marketing strategy to help you reach your business goals.

Most digital marketing agencies go with a “template” or “cookie-cutter” approach. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach because we know that each business is different and needs a custom digital marketing campaign tailored to meet the needs of the customer and the business.

Our modus operandi is different.

The first step in us helping a small or large company to achieve business growth online is to develop a great working relationship. If we have a great working relationship with your management team and other team members, then we can provide a unique insight into your business that will make your web presence stand out from that of the other national or local companies that comprise your competition.

Such a relationship will help us immensely with providing a unique experience on your website, Google My Business profile, and the social media marketing component of the SEO strategy. Then, later in the SEO campaign, we can leverage the power of Google Analytics, find out which marketing channel is bringing in the most customers and conversions, and maximize it further.

Brand Awareness & SEO

Some of our new clients are new businesses, while others have never leveraged the power of high search engine rankings to grow their business. As a digital marketing agency, our goal is to market your company via our “SEO ecosystem doctrine.” We believe that old companies seeking to be perceived as a modern business, along with the web presences and websites of new companies, should have SEO efforts directed at every platform on which they have a profile.

Be it YouTube, Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, or a profile on another platform, it should be optimized and maintained. Then, it’ll benefit as SEO changes cause SEO markets adapt to new realities. The same is true of press releases. Press releases need to be properly written with the highest content creation and current SEO standards in play and submitted to the right press release agency.

SEO Changes & Changing SEO Markets

Slowly, over time, the strategies and efforts needed to maintain a high search engine ranking will change. This is caused by several factors, which include but are not limited to SEO upgrades among your competition, changes in the ranking algorithms of Google and other search engine platforms, new competitors entering the marketplace, and the general nature of search engines evolving into high standards. These realities can not be avoided and are considered a major factor in our SEO efforts. What helps a page rank high in the search engines may work today, but tomorrow, things can change as they always do. However, our SEO team can be trusted to remain watchful, on guard, and engaged.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Prior to enduring the expense of hiring an SEO firm, it’s important to understand what “Search Engine Optimization” means and the various facets involved with a successful campaign. After all, how can one address an issue without first gaining a full understanding of it?

Every SEO is different. However, we feel that as citizens of the internet and pillars of the community, we should share our insight into what SEO is, what SEO operations are, and what to expect from VizTV Media Services as your SEO sorcerer. The ultimate objective is to bring in organic traffic and boost your online presence.

SEO For Law Firms

Law firms absolutely have to control their web presence and pursue a dominant position in their legal niche. Warfare is one of the terms that come to mind when considering an SEO project for a law firm. The space is highly competitive. The SEOs who fight for their clients are almost always among the best in the business. We’ve seen dark-operatives in the legal SEO sector practice anti-SEO, black-hat moves, meta-data hijacking, and destructive SEO tactics and have defended our clients from such.

In 2018, we exposed and identified one Houston SEO firm that practiced shady-SEO which negatively affected multiple law firms in the Houston area. Law firm SEO can be considered combat between SEOs. It’s warfare. We are the Navy SEALS of SEO.

SEO Audits & Consultations

If you’re interested in seeing how your website stacks up against your competition, contact us. VizTV Media Services provides more than just an audit of your website, we’ll even throw in audits of the sites belonging to your most ferocious competitors. We provide “real” audits and web presence examinations instead of sending you a white-label report from a third-party vendor, all of which takes about 10 seconds, then taking credit for it.

Whether you’re a business owner or an SEO, we can help you reach your goal of making your project highly visible in search engines. We’ll give you our insight into making your search engine optimization project a success. You won’t have to go it alone. Direct consultations are available for DIY SEOs.

We Write Great Web Copy

If the money-site is gonna rank, it’ll need well-written content that flows well that’s easy to read. Keywords are important to a certain extent, but not at the expense of good web copy. Proper English and grammar are paramount, but not at the expense of expression. Although our use of the word “gonna” is slang, it fits well. We write content for humans, not search engine bots. However, our human-focused content is naturally written and always meets or exceeds the desires of search engine robots.

We don’t write gobbledygook for the purpose of inserting keywords. We write original content that’s predicated on the human experience, providing a definitive resource, and communicating the spirit of our client’s message. We’re good at this stuff; like a word-smith foundry.

Social Presence Management

If you’re a business owner with a web presence, you probably have accounts or pages dedicated to your business on all major social media platforms. If not, you should. These properties should be seen as assets of your main website and ultimate web presence and should be treated as such. They’re important, and they matter.

VizTV Media Services is the one Houston SEO company that provides management and search engine optimization services for all of our client’s assets on major social media platforms. We’ll relieve the agony of missing messages sent from customers to your business using social media platforms.

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