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Content Writing

What’s the story of your website’s IQ?

The written content always tells the tale.

Woman reading written contentWhen most folks are ready to make a purchasing decision, smart money or not, they’ll usually read extensively about the product, service, or person in which they’re about to invest.

A good rule of thumb; the more expensive the product, the more the potential customer will read applicable content and conduct research.

If you’re marketing your services or products in the marketplace, interested customers and clients will eventually reach your website, and when they do, it’ll need to be ready for the part. We can provide help in this area.

A website will well-written content is far more credible than a site with poorly hammered out wording. In short, people need to develop trust with players in the marketplace. The best way to establish trust is to demonstrate competence. When we write content for our clients, it’s with the perception of their competence by their potential clients & customers in mind.

I don’t take businesses seriously that use poor grammar on their websites and product-related written material. To me, it speaks to the character of the company’s attentiveness to detail, which must be expected to appear in their work-product.

The Webmaster

Understanding Copywriting

Written words matter online. They’re foundational.

Man typing on computerCopywriting is important for website pages, product descriptions, marketing material, video descriptions, meta descriptions, and all other areas where written statements by the company can be read or should be available to the general public.

The General Public?

Customers, web robots, search engines, reader software, and accessibility software for the disabled should be considered the “general public.” With the proliferation of voice search and reader software, high quality written content is more important than ever.

Also, search engines like Bing and Google have the ability to judge a website by the quality of its written content. The higher quality the website, the more it will be seen in search by potential clients; that’s good for business.

Our Services

Copywriting as it relates to you and us.

Houston Copywriting ServiceWe don’t market copywriting as a stand-alone service to the general public but as a value-added service to our new and existing web design clients.

In other words, our clients aren’t charged for skilled copywriting.

Although we don’t explicitly offer stand-alone copywriting services, we’ll help those who need us.

The list below outlines instances when copywriting services should be considered.

  • For the description of videos to be published online
  • Image descriptions
  • Websites & webpages (Especially business websites)
  • Business social media account profiles
  • Social media profile updates
  • Sub-titles & text in video
  • Brochures & marketing materials
  • Search engine optimization

Need help with your website’s content?

VizTV Media Services is here for you.

Our clients enjoy well written original content, licensed images, and the implementation of video in their content where applicable. If you have questions about our copywriting services, contact us at any time using the contact form or by calling us directly at 713-443-7578