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Photo Editing

When an individual hires a photographer, they often don’t consider correcting errors or making edits to their final pictures until long after the photoshoot has ended.

In other cases, professional photographers may not have the graphic-designer skillset to add titles, remove or add graphics, or implement quotes, change the colors of certain items, or to make in-depth edits as needed. VizTV Media Services provides creative services in this area.

We Provide Photo Editing Services

If you’re working with VizTV Media Services on a photo editing or photo restoration project, you can take solace in knowing that your photos or other graphical works will be edited and retouched to your liking per your specifications.

You’re A Big Part of the Project

As a client of VizTV Media Services, you’ll have access to your project’s folder on our cloud network, giving you full access to all assets related to your project.

You’ll also have access to our task management system, so you’ll know where we’re at in the process of editing your image which allows you to get involved with the creative process at any time. With your help, we’re sure to do a great job on your photo editing project.

Photo Restoration ProjectPhoto Restoration Project

The image above is not the final product, but was chosen for illustration purposes.
The project featured above was completed in November of 2015.

The goal of our client was to have the high-school photos of both of their children on the wall next to each other in their hallway. The significance of this particular photo is that it’s in the same style as that of her brother, and they wanted both of the photos next to each other. The problem was obvious, the stamp of the company that took the high-school photos. Our job was to remove the logos and return a usable, frame-worthy photo to our client.

Houston’s Photo Editing Company

An Overview of Our Image Editing Services

Listed below are some of our capabilities and services.

  • Photo Editing
  • Background Removal (Digital Cutouts on a Transparent Background)
  • Color Correction & Color Replacement
  • Text & Title Additions
  • Borders & Vignettes
  • Image Enhancement & Sharpening
  • Photo Restoration
  • Photo Retouching
  • Combining Multiple Images
  • Making washed out colors “pop”.
  • And More…