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Infographic & PowerPoint Design

What’s an Infographic?

An infographic is an art concept designed to utilize imagery and photos tell a story or to educate users on a specific topic. If you’ve ever seen a billboard or a PowerPoint presentation, those could be considered infographics. Posters and sales-papers are forms of real-world infographics.

Infographics, by definition, are web graphics. They are like a poster that’s meant to be consumed online. Infographics are used in place of essays & articles online for the purpose of educating or informing the masses of online users while taking advantage of the shortened nature of the attention spans of online users.

In short, an infographic is a great way to explain a complex concept with the use of friendly, interpretable graphics.

How are infographics beneficial?

Infographics are beneficial in a number of ways. To educate a potential client or customer is to earn their respect. To help a potential client to understand your offering could result in a sale. Providing tips or education to the public is a great way to build brand awareness. In the list below we’ve outlined or reiterated a few benefits associated with infographics.

  • Capture the attention of social media users.
  • Explain a complex concept in an easily digestible manner using friendly artwork.
  • Promote your brand by providing tips to your potential clients.
  • Generate web traffic and sales.
  • Leave an impression on the user.
  • SEO benefits, including backlink generation.

Infographics Can Be Dynamic Marketing Tools

Infographics should not be relegated to the web, but can also be used in the real world. There are no standard specifications for the dimensions of an infographic, so they could be printed and used as posters, fliers, and even full-blown billboards. Why not? If you’re ready to pay for an infographic or invest the hours needed to compose one, it’s best to get the most bang for your buck and ensure that it can be used in more ways than one.

Below, we outlined a few ideas which could provide a massive octane boost leading to earning more mileage out of your infographic.

  • Poster Convertibility.
  • Usage as a flier.
  • Usage as a brochure.
  • Use for online marketing and direct advertising.
  • Convertible into a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Can be used as talking points during client consultations.
  • Convertible into 3×5’s and 4×6 poster or flyer cards for windshield inserts.

In short, the ability to convert an infographic is contingent on its dimensions and the availability of each individual asset used to create the original.

Info-Graphic & Presentation Creative Services

Customized PowerPoint Presentations Are Available

If you need a PowerPoint file created for a corporate presentation or other use, almost all of the elements used for an infographic are can be used to compose a PPT.

At VizTV Media Services, graphics we design for marketing are composed with dynamic usage in mind. If you intend on using your infographic as a basis for creating new and advanced marketing tools, even animated videos, let us know, and we’ll be sure to maintain the graphic assets in such a way for them to be used again in the future.

  • We create PowerPoint presentations.
  • We create infographics from scratch.
  • We create animated videos.
  • We create brochures and marketing materials.
  • We create graphics and documents which are suitable for print.

Need to hire a creative firm to build your infographic?

Contact us and tell us more about your goals.

We’ve never failed to meet our client’s expectations when asked to compose or complete a graphic design project. If you’re looking for a trusted resource for your infographic creation needs, we’re ready to help you and learn more about the spirit of the message you’re working to communicate.

We also provide promotional tips and tactics that will help you get your infographic in front of as many eyes as possible. To contact VizTV Media Services about your project, send us a message or call 1-888-250-4189.