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Photo Restoration & Rescue

If the photo can be saved, we can pull it off.

It’s not uncommon to run across photos of important moments from the past that we wish we could have restored or enhanced in some way. Maybe there’s a scratch, blemish, sun fading, or the picture is simply dying due to age, wear, and is in need of photo restoration. At VizTV Media Services, we’re usually able to help clients of ours who need photo restoration, edits, and touch-ups.

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Photo Restoration & Enhancement

A Quick Overview of Our Services

Although we can’t make any promises of our ability to improve the image until after we see the work, if we can get our paws on a physical or digital copy of the image there’s no telling how much we can do to “bring it back” with our photo restoration techniques.

Another Happy Client!

The above image memorializes the conclusion of a major graphic restoration project we completed for a private homeowner in Downtown Houston. Follow this link for an overview of the above pictured graphic design project.

Modern Photo Restoration Involves Graphic Design Tools

As champions of the Photoshop and students of best graphic design practices, there aren’t many projects that we can’t handle.

If you live or work in the Houston area (assets located outside of the Houston area may require shipping of physical content), we can accept a physical image (and of course, return it with the restored file) and begin our work with it.

We are able to darken blacks, brighten whites, implement sharpening and even color restoration and re-saturation for most photos. We can remove people, add assets, provide general improves and re-scale images.

We have techniques to remove grain, add grain, colorize, highlight, and adjust lighting on or in pictures and more. If you looking for options to bring your old photos brought back to life, call us at 713-443-7578 to discuss your photo restoration project.

Need Touch-Ups or Photo Repairs?

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