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We Design, Host, and Optimize Websites

Need a dedicated webmaster in Houston?

Consider VizTV Media Services for your website projects.

We provide outstanding webmaster services for numerous businesses and corporations in Houston and throughout the United States. We also provide a full array of website design and web management related services.

All organizations, performing artists, magazines, news outlets, businesses, and entrepreneurs are better off with a professionally built & search engine optimized website. A website that’s catered to serve them, the needs of their business interests, and their clients, customers, and fans. The website’s design and layout should compliment the organization’s business, their clients and customers, and should facilitate it’s intended goal in every way.

Benefits of Owning Your Website

The benefits of owning a website include accepting payments, offering an online store, providing customer contact options, and having a platform (that you own) to communicate your messages, business offerings, ideals, and building a community/a platform for community relations. In other words, your business, product, or message won’t be relegated to the social media ghettos of the internet where they can silenced on a whim.

Having a functional and operational website is a prudent, fundamental component of any business, organization, or media outlet. Having your website built “right” the first time is priceless with regard to the potential benefits one can reap from capturing web traffic, and the time saved from having to pay someone to rebuild a bad-built project. Also, a properly designed website is the best, most cost-effective way to vertically integrate all of your product or service offerings in one place.

If we’re entrusted with your project, the website will be built with presentation, professionalism, and intelligent content management in mind.

Web Services Overview

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Your website will need well-written content that flows well and is easy to read. Proper English and grammar are paramount, but not at the expense of expression. Websites built by us feature well-written content that’s fit for human consumption.

Social Media Managers

If you’re a business owner, you probably have accounts or pages dedicated to your business on all major social media platforms. VizTV Media Services provides management services for all of our client’s assets on major social media platforms.

Understanding SEO

Prior to enduring the expense of hiring an SEO firm, it’s important to understand what “Search Engine Optimization” means and the various facets involved with a successful campaign. After all, how can one address an issue without first gaining a full understanding of it?

Web Hosting

Not only do we build and optimize websites for small businesses and individuals, but we also provide state of the art web hosting services on secure, well-maintained web servers. Server locations are reliable and redundant. Servers are located in Texas & Florida.

Political Website Design

If you’re considering a run for The White House, we’ll build a fully featured website that performs all the functions of a traditional presidential campaign website. We’re also willing to help public servants who are seeking lower offices.

Website Management

For some businesses, operating the website isn’t a passive task but a highly active one. We provide extensive webmaster services which include persistent maintenance, security, software updates, and general usability, aesthetic, and quality improvements.

Website Design

We design high-quality, premium websites using various website development software and technologies. If you’ve been on this page for any amount of time, then you’ve probably assumed as much. We can appreciate your level of genius.

Web Design for Law Firms

Since 2011 we’ve been the go-to source for numerous Houston-area lawyers and law firms in need of professional web design & SEO services. If you’re a legal beagle that’s ready for a website, we’re ready to help. Contact us today or click through to learn more.

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