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Social Media Management

Important: A Thriving Social Media Presence

SocialSocial media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others, are a staple in our society and are a part of the lives of nearly everyone who uses the internet for any reason.

You need to be there.

If you’re operating a business, building a brand, or marketing a product, and lack a strong social media presence, your operation is at a competitive disadvantage. With over 170 million “active” U.S. users on the two most popular social networks on the planet, YouTube & Facebook, you can not afford to lack a vibrant presence on these networks. With the existence of a search box atop all pages on both YouTube & Facebook, like Google, there are always people using their platforms to search for solutions.

That’s what businesses do; solve problems for their customers.

If a potential client is seeking information for any reason on any platform, and their query is related to any plank of your business, you need to be present. We’ll ensure the proliferation of your presence throughout every viable neighborhood on these interwebs and new ones.

Social Media Usage Statistics (U.S.)

Below we’ve compiled a handful of statistics to illustrate why it’s important to not just have an account on the implied social media platforms, but a thriving presence. A thriving social media presence can be defined as one with periodic updates, relevant content, and the ability to respond to user interactions in a timely fashion.


Over 180 million monthly users.


Over 100 million monthly users.


Over 179 million monthly users.

Social Presence Management

An overview of what we do.

For our clients, we provide full management, maintenance, and monitoring of all social media channels and business review outlets. For a more concise illustration of what social presence management means to VizTV Media Services, review the lists below.

Periodic updates

A dead social media presence is just that, dead. It’s bad for business. We keep our client’s profiles updated multiple times per week, perpetually.

Inbox monitoring

If a customer messages you via your business profile on a social platform will you know about it? We will, and we’ll alert you.

Full Utilization

We take advantage of all features on all social platforms. We’ll use every tool available for us to use to represent your interests.

Full Optimization

We want customers to find your social profile outside of social media ghettos. As SEOs, we work to rank social profiles in SERPs.

Presence Harmonization

If we manage one, then all! Your presence on various outlets will be harmonized and cross-integrated. Like an ecosystem.

Website Integration

We have the capability to deeply integrate your website with your social media accounts. When practical and sensible, we’ll do it.

Social Media Management

Working with VizTV Media Services

Unless it’s a special circumstance, we DO NOT offer our social media management services as a stand-alone product, but as a compliment to our SEO services and our Webmaster & Website Management services.

For more information or to engage in a consultation about how VizTV Media Services may work for you, consider making contact with us.