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Aerial Photography

Need your eye in the sky?

Aerial Photography via 4K Drone Available

VizTV Media Services provides aerial drone photography and aerial video recording in and around the Houston area. We provide aerial photography for businesses and individuals in need of high-resolution photo from extreme elevations.

VizTV Media Services’ drone pilots are well-versed in applicable safety precautions and undergo training and skill development on a recurring basis.

Our drone pilots are either FAA certified or operate under the direction of an FAA Certified Drone Pilot.

Business Support

Aerial Photography for IndustryWe provide aerial photography for businesses in the real estate, construction, and industrial sectors. We also provide support for special events and entertainment venues.

Whether we need to get a close-up look at a communications tower or obtain a visual image for a roof inspection, VizTV Media Services is well equipped to get the job done and completed in short order.

Our Fleet of Aircraft

VizTV Media Services owns and operates two aerial HD camera drones. With multiple power supplies, our air-cameras can operate indefinitely, within reason, granted that we’re abreast of our client’s needs.

Features of Our Aerial Drones

  • Photo Capable
    • 13MP Lens
    • 4000X3000 Image Size
    • DNG & JPEG File Formats
  • Live View, HD & 4K Video Capable
    • Output: MP4 & MOV Formats, up to 60MBPS
  • Elevation Limit: 19600+ Feet (Just over 3 miles)
  • Operating Temperature: Below 104°F
  • GPS Positioning
    • Accurate within 3 to 11 Inches

Understanding Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial drone photography is done for three main purposes,

  • to extend human reach,
  • surveil or monitor a large geographic area,
  • and to capture images.

For creative purposes, the proper and safe use a drone will extend the creative boundaries of the artist leading to a unique product.

For business, the proper and safe use of a drone can be a huge problem solver, which saves money, which is good for business.

If you believe that you might benefit by using the services provided by a professional drone operator, you’re invited to contact VizTV Media Services by sending us a message via the contact form or by calling our office directly at 713-443-7578.

Houston Drone Pilots & Aerial Photographers

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