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What is SEO?

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a phrase which basically means optimizing a website to have its maximum potential for search engine visibility, engaging in on & offsite activities to help the website rank, or both. However, search engine optimization is so much more than that.

Search Engine Optimization ConceptsThe intrinsic nuances of an active-SEO campaign mean far more than we could or would ever illustrate on any webpage or website. In short, SEO as an executable-concept is subject to individual interpretation.

  • SEO is an art, not a science.
  • SEO can be practiced as a science and should probably be treated as such.
  • (We had a great line for this bullet but omitted it for competitive integrity.)

For purposes related to you and VizTV Media Services, search engine optimization should be taken to mean the optimization of a client-specific ecosystem that’s dedicated to ensuring the maximum visibility of not only our client’s website, but their entire brand and related-assets on all search engines which include Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and Google.

Terminology: SEO is a title, a verb, and a noun. A person can SEO a website or work as a professional SEO. A person can visit an SEO, call one, perform SEO, or be it. SEO, while short for Search Engine Optimization, is an all-encompassing term which means either everything to do with SEO or SEO in a particular area. The context of its use best defines the meaning of the word SEO.

Different Scopes of SEO Campaigns

Sniper with Scope for Targeting

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing a brand to be highly visible in search markets within a specific geographic region. For local business, hiring an SEO that specializes in local SEO is ideal. If your business’s clients or customers are generally restricted to a city or town, local SEO will be the best for you.

What is National SEO?

National SEO is the process of optimizing a brand for high visibility in search markets which are vast in scope, covering the nation. If you operate a business with potential clients nationally, then activating a national SEO campaign is ideal.

National vs. Local SEO

If you’re in the market for an SEO or search engine optimization service, then you need to know which type of SEO is best for your goals. For local companies which target business and customers in their immediate geographic region, a focus on local SEO is ideal.

For national brands, their goal of hiring an SEO should be to reign dominant in multiple local markets for search queries related to their business or services.

Most Houston SEO firms are not equipped to handle both types of clients as most successful SEO firms are wise to focus on their niche. The infrastructure-required and methodology-needed to optimize a website to earn free web traffic from targeted search engine queries is all but fundamentally different than SEO operations focused on local dominance.

Due to the demands and ambitions of our existing clients, we have the infrastructure and reach to effectively initiate successful SEO campaigns at the local and national level.

On-Site Content Optimization

Roughly 30-50% of Effectual SEO Efforts Occur On-Site

At VizTV Media Services, content optimization means writing and designing original content for your website and other web properties with the user in mind – as opposed to writing words for the search engines to read at the expense of the user’s experience.

Content (including graphics) and web-copy that’s focused on providing the best user experience possible will encompass all targeted keywords, their variants, and if written well, should read well.

Let’s face it, once users are on your website the next best step is to convert them to customers. This is why well-written content is as essential for business as it is for SEO.

Communicability is Paramount

Woman reading content as a result of practical SEO.The practice of effective communication with a potential client is a good start in the development of trust, which can lead to converting them into a customer.

If we’re able to communicate the reasons why you or your business offering is a superior choice due to your company’s expertise, specialized knowledge, and functionality in an interpretable and digestible manner, we’ve educated the potential client as to why they should do business with your firm.

If you’re still reading this page, then you probably get the idea of what content optimization means to VizTV Media Services and how we’ll represent your interests.

Our SEO results and prowess are verifiable. References are available upon request.

Interesting in learning more about our SEO services? Need a professional Houston SEO company on your team? Consider reaching out to VizTV Media Services by using our contact form or by calling our office by phone at 713-443-7578. We don’t accept all projects. We may not be taking on new clients.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

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