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Pay Per Call

Want hot leads for your business? VizTV Media Services is capable of sending direct call-in leads from people who are looking for your services.

What’s Pay Per Call?

Pay Per Call is similar to Pay Per Click (PPC) in that you pay for a highly targeted lead from the internet

The difference between the two services is that instead of paying upwards of 20-50$ for a click, as is the case with Bing, Google, and Facebook ads, you’ll pay that same fee for a phone call from the customer as opposed to a faceless click on a hyperlink.

A hot lead, or a customer that you can talk with directly, is better than paying for a targeted click to a website from a person who may not do as much as send you a contact form.

What is the fee per phone call?

Payments and FeesWell, that depends. The fee for each phone call is directly related to the fee charged by online advertising agencies like Microsoft (Bing Ads), Google (Adwords), and others for targeted clicks in a certain market. The market in which the customer is being sought will determine the price per lead.

For example, web advertising firms like Microsoft (Bing) & Alphabet (Google & YouTube) may charge law firms more than 50$ per click in return for a precisely targeted potential client. In contrast, for an equally qualified lead a plastic surgeon may be charged over 120$ per click while a person who operates a mobile car-wash or dent repair service may pay between 5 and 35$ for a qualified lead.

The value of the lead is determined by the semi-free & open marketplace.

How would my fee per call be determined?

Your fee would be determined by an average of the fees charged by other vendors who are offering targeted leads in the same market. In reality, you could calculate your own fee as keyword values tend to be publicly available. Wordstream is an excellent resource for determining the value of your keyword or “target market” and may help you determine the best market to target.

In conclusion; we’ll work together to form an agreement based on current market conditions. The good news is that you’ll only pay for performance. No calls, no fee.

How are phone calls qualified?

There is one method for qualifying a phone call; recording and listening to it.

All phone calls are recorded and stored forever.

SkepticIf someone calls your business, but has the wrong phone number, we’ll be able to determine that prior to issuing a bill for payment.

Phone calls under 10-15 seconds usually aren’t billed unless we listen the call and determine it to be bill-worthy.

We issue phone numbers.

A phone number that we own will be assigned to your campaign and forwarded to the phone number of your choice. This ensures integrity of service, accurate and honest billing.

Clients of VizTV Media Services have real-time instant access to call logs, production charts, and live recordings of each and every phone call to our tracked phone numbers.

How are the leads generated?

Cat Prowling - Lead Generations

By any means necessary.

We’ll do whatever it takes to get that phone ringing. It’s in both of our interests to generate as many qualified phone calls as possible.

Although success may lead to a large bill, you’ll be excited to pay it on a monthly basis.

Leads may be generated by marketing videos, online web properties, press releases, social media profiles and real-world terrestrial means. As an SEO firm, we have an edge when it comes to getting targeted content in front of the right audience.

Ethics matter.

The internet is a dirty place. As an SEO agency and in defense of our clients, we’ve witnessed and exposed a variety of shady SEO schemes, identity & metadata hijackings, black-hat tactics, and dirty practices. We don’t do those things. We can’t be sure where your leads will come from, but we can guarantee that all lead-generation operations are carried out with high ethics in mind.

Ready to get started?

If you have questions about pay per call services or would like to start a new campaign, you’re invited to contact VizTV Media Services with any questions or service inquiries you may have.

We may not be accepting new clients and won’t operate in unethical & vice markets.