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Video Editing

Need help with your video?

Apple Pro Res Video Producers in Houston
Apple ProRes Raw Video Producers in Houston
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Dolby Vision - Houston Video Producers
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5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
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Looking for a video editor in Houston?

Contact VizTV Media Services today!

If you’re looking for a professional video editor in Houston, TX to help you bring your video project to fruition, we’re ready to assist. VizTV Media Services provides full service video editing for productions which are intended for public, business, entertainment, and private use.

Understanding Post Production

The Video Editing Process

Editing a video to finality is a demanding, intimate process which can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour per each minute of footage to complete. If elements or artifacts need to masked, added, or removed from a composition, it’ll take a little longer.

Usually, cinematographers will capture hundreds of clips, only for a small percentage of them to be utilized in the final production. Prior to editing a video, the hundreds of clips must be transferred to the editing station, organized, and rated for quality. The process of transferring video to-and-from some platforms can take time. In any case, the organization of the video clips is a top priority and a main task.

Audio is Important

Having quality audio and synchronizing it is also a main priority of the post-production process. Although we can’t make guarantees about the quality of audio we didn’t capture, we have a few options at our disposal for improving poor audio and removing noise from sound files provided to us.

The Bottom Line

A quality video production must tell a “story.” Our goal is to follow the instructions of our client to bring their vision to reality as they see fit. If the “story” is ready, and the media files to support it are available, we’ll cover the final mile of the production and conclude the project with a touch of quality.

Our video editing fees start at 375.00. If you’re ready to hire a video editor or have questions about pricing and capability, contact us today at 713-443-7578.

Houston’s Professional Video Editor

Overview of Our Video Editing Services

Benefits & Services

  • In some cases, we can improve the quality of video.
  • In some cases, we can improve the quality of audio.
  • We may be able to add or remove objects or people from some videos.
  • We provide animation services.
  • Special Effects & CG Compositions
  • We edit music videos, 3d videos & virtual tours.
  • Affordable fees, quick turn around.

Contact Details

The Office

VizTV Media Services
405 Main St #504
Houston, TX 77002

Phone Numbers

PHONE: 713-443-7578
THE LAB: 713-893-7288
TOLL FREE: 1-888-250-4189

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