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About Us

Meet Our Team Members!

We’re a group of professionals who strive to serve our clients.
Your challenges are ours to resolve. We’re in this together. Results Matter.

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Team Members

Tony Woodard

Camera Operator
AC, Grip, Grasshopper
Ambassador of Coolness
Exec. Asst. & SEO Trainee
Independent Film Maker

Daniel Schmidt

Camera Operator
AC, Grip, Heck of a Guy
Passionate Photographer
Former Grasshopper
Independent Film Maker

Jim Vogel

O.G. of Cinematography
Video Sat-Truck Operator
Steadi-Cam Operator
HD Live Streaming Expert
DP, DOP, Independent Film Maker

Jamerson Vaughn

Super Saiyan Red Rock
Camera Operator & Video Pro
Comps Creator
Raw Talent
Independent Film Maker

Cedric Ong

Elite SEO Trainee & Exec Asst.
Problem Solver
Gift of the Philippines
Internet Marketing Guru
Keyboard Sorcerer

Shank Shizank

“VizFact: The Dude”
Navy Seal of SEO
Webmaster of Leisure
Low-Key Marketing Guru
DP, DOP, CEO & Independent Film Maker