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Corporate Video Production Services

We Produce Excellent Videos for Business Use

Apple Pro Res Video Producers in Houston
Apple ProRes Raw Video Producers in Houston
ATOM HDR Capable Video Producers in Houston
Dolby Vision - Houston Video Producers
Dolby Vision - Houston Video Producers
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston

We’re a Corporate Video Production Company

VizTV Media Services Can Power Your Video Marketing Strategy

Without the power of online marketing & video marketing, VizTV Media Services would be at a disadvantage. We know the value that an effective video production can offer to a business’s bottom line. Corporations & small businesses that successfully leverage the power of video are far more competitive in the marketplace than those that don’t.

If your business needs high quality corporate video production, you’ve come to right place. Although we’re a video production company, VizTV Media Services also provides creative marketing & advertising services in the legal and financial marketplace. We know the value and power of an effective marketing video that’s based on sound marketing practices.

Corporate Video Production for Product Launch
Video Shoot for Bausch & Lomb’s Product Launch
2021 - Reel 1.00_01_33_08.Still001
Official Promotional Video for VizTV Media Services
ATT Featured Image 2-1
Columbia Fest 2022 (Coverage for AT&T)
Han's Laser - Promotional Corporate Video Production
Product Marketing Video for Chinese Technology Firm

Effectivity Trumps Quality

High Quality Videos Are Great, But What About Effectivity?

We produce high quality videos that are crafted to serve your needs and speak to your audience. However, having a great looking video doesn’t matter as much as the effectivity of it.

VizTV Media Services is primarily an online marketing agency. We implement our marketing formulas & philosophy into the production of our videos. We create videos that encourage client & viewer retention, interest, and lead generation.

If we can tell a compelling story while solving a problem, a product or concept can be easily sold to your potential customers.

If you need to consult with a professional video director about creating a brand video, promotional videos, or have questions related to business videos, feel welcome to contact us at 713-443-7578.

Virtual Tour & Video Production for Toshiba
Virtual Tour & Video Production for Toshiba

Trusted By

Law Firm and Corporate Video Production - Houston
Corporate Video Production for Houston Law Firm
Sciatica - Still
Video Series for Europe-Based Educational Organization

Need videos for marketing purposes?

Put your project in good hands

Our clients, many of which are owners of local businesses in the Houston area, have rated us at 5 stars on Google Business, Facebook Business, and other trusted rating platforms. If you’re interested in working with one of the top corporate video production companies in Houston, you’ve found us!

One of Houston’s Top Video Production Companies

(At Least That’s What Our Clients Are Telling People)

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Our Clients

We Work With Small Businesses & Large Corporations

Since 2011, we’ve provided both video marketing services and corporate video production services to large and small businesses in Houston, Texas, and throughout the United States. Our client base include numerous local law firms, national security service providers, private investigators, technology firms, and lots of other corporate clients in varying businesses.

We’ve also provided support to video production houses in San Diego, Los Angeles, and we’ve also provided support on movie sets in Houston. If you’re looking for a full-service video production company in Houston, we can help.

We Offer Multiple Video Production Solutions

Our clients include oil industry supply companies, insurance companies, law firms, real estate agents, trucking companies, ourselves, and other businesses in varying industries. Our services include post production video editing, visual effects (VFX), video production, training & orientation videos, video content for corporate conferences, promotional videos for marketing campaigns, safety videos, animated corporate video projects and more.

Unlike most video production agencies in Houston, we provide web services & digital marketing services. We’re a web & video marketing agency specializing in web design & hosting, PPC, social media presence management, video marketing campaign management, SEO, and graphic design.

If you have questions about how our professional crew can serve the needs of your business interests, contact VizTV Media Services today at 713-443-7578.

Multi-Camera Station on Sound Stage
Multi-Camera Station on Sound Stage
Greenscreen Video Capture
Greenscreen for TV Commercial
Video Wall for Corporate Presentation
Video Wall for Corporate Presentation

Videographers for Houston’s Businesses

Overview of Our Video Production Services

Corporate Video for Austin Law Firm
Corporate Video for Austin Law Firm

Our Services

VizTV Media Services is a flexible video production agency with numerous options that complement our video services. If you would like to work with us on your business video productions or if you need other forms of commercial work, we can help you.

We provide a wide range of video production services for varying objectives ranging from training & commercial videos to promotional videos and product launches.

Available Services

Listed below is a general overview of our services, capabilities, and benefits we provide to our clients. If you have any questions, contact us.

  • Videos for Consumer Products & Product Launch Videos
  • Customer Reviews, Personal Stories, and Testimonial Videos
  • 3D Video & Aerial Videography & Photography
  • Corporate Events & Live Streaming
  • Greenscreen Compositions & Rotoscoping
  • Motion Graphics & Animation Videos & Explainer Videos
  • Music Videos & Animated Video Projects
  • Educational Videos & Content Related to Health Care
  • Instructional Videos & Visual Media
  • Brand Awareness Content & Promotional Video
  • Visual Effects (VFX) and Special Effects
  • High Quality 4K Stock Footage Database Access
  • Short Film Projects & Movie Production Industry Support
  • Video Marketing on Social Media & YouTube
  • Training Video Production
  • Safety & Compliance Videos
  • Sales & Videos for Marketing Purposes
  • TV Commercials
  • Corporate YouTube Channel Management & Support
  • Videos for Website Content & Social Media Videos
  • Conference & Corporate Presentation Videos
  • Video Wall Rental & Set Up

Our Production Process

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About Our Marketing Philosophy

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We Provide High-End & Affordable Video Production Services

VizTV Media Services can work with large and small budgets. We take pride at offering an affordable price and payment schedule to all of our potential clients. As a company, we take great strides to produce high quality video and other exceptional works, regardless of their budget capacity. If you’re looking for a Houston video production company to add to your team as a creative partner, give us a call at 713-443-7578.

Our Team Members

Our crew knows that we’re defined by the quality of their work and their ability to function as a symbiotic professional team. Our video production team has over 50 years of combined experience. Jim Vogel has worked in video production since at least 1978, Shank since 2011, and Danny since 2015.

We’re a Canon Cinema crew with film industry standard video production equipment, lighting, live-streaming, multi-camera switching, and audio functionality. We only use the highest quality official Canon Cinema lenses and video production cameras.

Our Video Production Capabilities

Currently, we operate a Canon C500 Mark II, Canon C300 Mark II, Canon C70, and we own various Canon Cinema glass (lenses). We can also capture HDR, ProRes & ProRes Raw footage. We also operate motorized stabilization gimbals, jib cranes, remote control solutions, and rail kits.

If you’re looking for a commercial video production company in Houston that captures high quality cinema-level 4K footage with the gear to get the “money shots,” contact us. We’re here to help.

If you have questions about how our team can serve the needs of your business interests, call VizTV Media Services today at 713-443-7578.

Canon C500 Mark II with Cine-Lenses
Canon C500 Mark II with Cine-Lenses
Canon C300 Mark III with Cine-Lenses
Canon C300 Mark III with Cine-Lenses
TV Commercial Production
TV Commercial Production
Elevated Camera on Jib Crane
Elevated Camera on Jib Crane
Industrial Maritime Grunt Work
Industrial Maritime Grunt Work

Need Help?

If you have any questions or want to talk with us to determine if VizTV Media Services is the right company for your corporate video production needs, call us at 713-443-7578. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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