An Overview of The Things We Do

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Need a Houston photographer?

VizTV Media is a freelance photographer and is willing to accept projects of most kind. We are willing to work with groups, businesses, and individuals for all reasonable projects. VizTV Media will travel, however, we generally work in the Greater Houston area, and the south east Texas region.

Greater Houston, TX area only (Will Travel)

>> Click here for information about hiring a photographer in the Houston area.

Photo Editing & Restoration

Whether its adding life to old photos, or adding effects and text to a new one, we are highly experienced with photo editing and are sure to breed life into photos either we have taken, or photos of your own. If you have photos with errors in them, or are looking to add new life to old photos, we can help.

>> Click here for more information about contract photo editing.

Videography & Video Editing Services

For special events requiring videography services, our clients have come to expect the highest quality in video footage and we’ve never let them down. We operate multiple DLSR cameras and employ industry standard video editing technology which makes our video productions stand out in contrast to our colleagues in the industry.

We enjoy the process of video editing, especially music videos, and have a growing portfolio of videos that show the progressive nature of our production and post-production quality.

Videography – Greater Houston, TX area only

Video Editing – We Accept Clients Worldwide

>> Click here for more information on Video Editing and Videography.

Graphics Design

We design logos, show tickets, posters, banners, flyers, business cards, album covers, website graphics, buttons, advertisements, marketing material, and anything else requiring the digital rendition of an idea. Contact us and tell us what you have in mind and we will work on your project and make sure you are satisfied with the final production.

>> Click here for more information about hiring VizTV Media for graphics design.

Website Design and Hosting

Depending on your needs, web design can be either massively complex, or relatively simple. We include in all web design packages starter web graphics (Custom Logo and Header), search engine optimization, favorites icons (for browsers), a branding plan, an official Facebook Page (if you don’t already have one), 1 year of free web hosting, a blog, training (to publish content independently), and lifetime support.

>> Click here for more information on Website Design and Web Hosting.

Content Writing

Every website is better with original, well written, search engine optimized content. This helps with website relevance and with communicating important information to website visitors. There are lots of great business owners and entrepreneurs out there that have great business plans and marketing schemes, but are incapable of crafting that data into a well harmonized website built to be reader friendly and appealing.

We can help you.

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