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Satellite Truck Operation

Full Support for Streaming & Broadcast

Need to rent a video truck in Houston, TX?

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Apple Pro Res Video Producers in Houston
Apple ProRes Raw Video Producers in Houston
ATOM HDR Capable Video Producers in Houston
Dolby Vision - Houston Video Producers
Dolby Vision - Houston Video Producers
5K Video Producers in Houston
4K Ultra HD Video Producers in Houston
2K HD Video Producers in Houston
Apple ProRes Raw Video Producers in Houston
Apple ProRes Raw Video Producers in Houston

About Our Video Truck

Truck Specifications

Our video production van is a 25-foot Ford V-10 E350 Super Van HD Mobile Production Unit with enough space to comfortably house a 3-person crew. Our van was originally outfitted by Frontline Communications for use as a TV news truck for remote HD-video broadcasting.

The mobile production unit features a roof-mount 2nd air conditioning unit (14,000 BTU for the support of 3 people and all operational equipment), interior LED lighting, live internet streaming capability, SD card data-storage, Hard-Drive recording, and support for Solid-State drives.

Other onboard technologies featured in the mobile production unit are interior & exterior 24-channel patch bays, 10 HD-video input ports, 4 auxiliary feeds, a full video wall with four 24-inch monitors, and two 8-inch field-monitors. Chroma-key compositions & PIP functionality is also included.

Power: The vehicle is powered by a standard 220/30amp RV plug (included), but can be powered by a standard household 120-volt outlet.

TV Production Truck Rental Rates

Equipment & Services Equipment Type Fee Rate
TV Production Truck* Video Production
$1500.00 Per Day
Pro Jib 18ft w/Motor System
Video Production $140.00 Per Day
Ninja Blade Recorder System Video Production $60.00 Per Day
Camera AF 100 Panasonic Video Production $180.00 Per Day
AF-HPX170 Panasonic Video Production $135.00 Per Day
Tripods w/ Fluid Heads Video Production $35.00 Per Day
Portable Studio Setup Engineering $450.00 Per Day
Audio Engineer Engineering $60.00 Per Hour
Audio Mixer (16 Channels) Engineering $45.00 Per Day
Video Technician Engineering $65.00 Per Hour
Camera Operator* Engineering $250.00 Per Day
Director Engineering $650.00 Per Day
DVD Duplicator Video Production
$120.00 Per Day
Video Cables SDI/HD 300' Video Production $30.00 Per Day
Video Cables SDI/HD 200' Video Production $15.00 Per Day
Audio Cables 100' Engineering $10.00 Per Day
Audio Cables 50' Engineering $5.00 Per Day
Microwave Point-to-Point Links* Engineering $450.00 Per Day
Microwave Installation* Engineering $825.00 Per Day
Tower Work Engineering TBD TBD

Equipment Available with Van Rental

Have a situation?

It’s not uncommon for video production houses to experience situations in which they would benefit from having access to, not only a Live Broadcast Truck, but the equipment to ensure the production can be finalized (and broadcast if needed).

Featured below are drop-down tabs which illustrate the equipment available to clients of ours who are ready to rent a video production truck in Houston.

Don’t Panic. Adapters Come With The Truck

Adapters are available for your XLR, BNC, and RCA integration needs.

BlackMagic Production Switcher On-Board

Our HD Video production truck features the BlackMagic ATEM1 4K Video Production Switcher which is renown as a complete integrated solution for delivering live production.

The switcher provides support for up to 10 sources, plus additional video, text, graphics, animation, and the live production system is dynamic enough to keep up with ever-changing media strategies.

Video Production Truck Rental Info

TV Production Truck Rental

Details: TV production truck rental price ranges from $1,400.00 to $4,500.00 per day and includes cameras and audio recording technology.

Camera Operator

Details: The fee ranges from $250.00 to $550.00 per day.

Wireless/Microwave Point-to-Point Link Survey

Details: Fee is $450.00 per day plus additional expenses.

Microwave Installation

Details: Fee includes full crew.

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