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SEO for Law Firms

Attorney & Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Marketing Services


We help law firms get to page 1 on Google, Bing, and other search engines. We’ll power your search presence.

Website Design

We build sleek, efficient websites that perform well on mobile & desktop devices. We’ll build excellent law firm websites.

Video Marketing

Video is an important tool for SEO campaigns. We provide professional video production services. We’ll help you leverage the power of video.

Pay Per Click

PPC campaigns are used to target potential customers in real time, based on their search query. We’re Google Certified experts. We can help.

A Look at Law Firm Marketing

The Competition is Stiff and Often Adversarial

Since 2010, VizTV Media Services has provided its Houston & Texas SEO clients with outstanding law firm SEO services, SEO support, law firm website design, and anti-SEO counter-measures.

We know the difficulties associated with creating an authoritative website and using it to challenge current leaders in specific markets. “Current leaders in specific markets” should be taken to mean competitors that rank high in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines for keywords related to their shared market space.

Understanding Law Firm SEO

Knowing what it takes to Rank Respectably

VizTV Media Services has extensive experience working with law firms and solo practitioner attorneys to create and maintain an SEO campaign that DOES NOT violate the advertising guidelines specified by governing agencies such as the State Bar of Texas.

Ethics Matter!

Many law firms will rush out and hire an SEO company with dreams of dominating search, only to get bad results. Sometimes, the bad results follow a favorable spike, just to fizzle out and never recover.

Such results can be caused by unethical SEO practices, lack of sophisticated tact, backlash due to destructive market practices, or merely a lack of experience. VizTV Media Services doesn’t have these problems. Ethics in marketing is essential to our longevity in the business. Ethics in marketing leads to market longevity.

When your project is our hands, we treat it like it’s our own. We’re great neighbors; in other words, we don’t have to stick a knife in your competitor’s neck to get you ahead. Those type of practices is always bad for business.

SEO Defense & Market Warfare

SEO for Law Firms Ninja
Shady-SEO firms put their clients at risk. That’s bad for business.

Back to that knife, we’ve had instances in which shady-SEO firms have left false-negative reviews, stolen the identity of our high ranking clients via meta-data hijacking, hacked our client’s sites to inject porn, and have conducted other dirty tactics that we would rather not discuss.

Some of our client’s projects have been all but buried by bad-actors, only to rise out of the ashes like the fabled phoenix.

We’re not passive.

We respond to attacks and threats on our clients on our own terms, in an unforgiving fashion.

To be attacked by a shady-SEO firm, ala a competitive proxy, is rare, but it happens. Due to the intrinsic nature of our work, we usually find their dirty-work and are often able to identify the actors and their benefactors.

Shady-SEO firms put their clients at risk. That’s bad for business.

What We Do & What You Can Expect

Law Firm SEO Service Overview

Outlined in the list below is a general overview of the services we provide to our attorney & law firm SEO clients. Although it’s a big list, it’s a small snapshot of the services and support we offer.

  • Competency & Law: We’ll read and seek to learn the penal codes and statutes associated with your practice. We represent our clients well. We understand the importance of good optics. Your image, reputation, and name are safe with us.
  • Lawyer Citations: We’ll make sure your business is listed in the places where it matters, starting with your state bar profile. AVVO, Justia and other legal-related directories are essential.
  • Local Citations: Whether your law firm is based in Texas or elsewhere, we’ll make sure your business is listed the local directories that people use.
  • Web 2.0 Optimization: From your Facebook profile to your YouTube channel and videos, they’re a part of the project. One of our goals is to rank these profiles, along with your website.
  • Web 2.0 Management: From your company’s Tumblr profile to its Twitter, we’ll keep it alive; keeping you in the conversation. Social media profiles with no recent updates are dead pages – these are assets which need to have life!
  • Cloud Access & Storage: All files, documents, and statistical records associated with your project are made available to you on our Sync Cloud.
  • Google Business Listing Management: The 3-pack matters. That’s the goal. Map visibility generates high-quality business leads. We’ll get you there.
  • Video Production: The power of video cannot be ignored. Our SEO clients get access to video production at no additional charge. This is huge.
  • Monthly Reporting: Each month we’ll send you a comprehensive report about your project and you’ll also have access to a number of third-party SEO monitoring programs which affords you the freedom to keep a watchful eye on your project, even without our handwritten (hand typed) monthly reports. Monthly reports include stats, lead counts, historical comparisons, and more. Excellent and thorough monthly report is vital to us; it gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our value and your investment in our services.
  • Competitive Tracking: We’ll seek to learn from your competitors and to defend our SEO practices from reverse engineering. A stealthy but respectable attitude will keep us safe. It’s dangerous out there.
  • Website Management: SEO is an intrinsic process which demands constant website updates, improvements, grammar checks, and content optimization. If we need to create new graphics, beef up written content, or build new properties, we won’t hesitate to take action. We also take the initiative to keep all the technologies which run your website up-to-date.

Need to Hire an SEO Agency?

Call VizTV Media Services; the Houston SEO Company!

If you have questions about search engine optimization or would like to learn more about the ways in which we serve our clients, you’re encouraged to get in touch with our management team. We have multiple references and examples of projects which are a long term success. Our clients benefit greatly by working with us, and we’re excited about helping reputable businesses to get the visibility they deserve.

We don’t accept all clients. We don’t accept businesses with a history of unethical practices. We’re fiercely loyal to our clients and WILL NOT betray them. Don’t ask us to hurt anyone’s campaign and we won’t tell them about it. To contact VizTV Media Services, visit our contact page or call 1-888-250-4189. Ask for Shank.

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