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SEO for Business: A Quick Study

Updated: Feb 25, 2023 @ 3:26 AM

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, by its very nature, is a passive exercise in communicative excellence. Prudent SEO is a form of communication between web content (or shall we say the creators of web content) and the web crawlers & spiders that consume the content, which then reports back to the originating search engine with their findings.

These “findings” are then consumed & understood by the search engine AI, then matched in milliseconds to search engine queries, and returned to the user in the form of a list of links to content. This “content” includes paid ads, website pages, images, map listings, and videos.

That’s how it works.

The User & the Search Engine

Why SEO Matters

Users seek out content on search engines, video sharing sites, and social media platforms by executing a query in a search box. Once the search query is executed, meaning the user typed term into the search box and hit enter, content related to their search query is generated. This “relevant content” is presented to the user because it closely relates to the query the user executed.

The relevance of the returned results is crafted by various known & unknown forms of algorithmic search engine sorcery. In short, high quality and highly optimized content are among the most prominent results that are returned to the user.

SEO for Business

Because Growth is Best For Businesses

For businesses that are seeking to acquire new customers and clients, capturing a user that’s actively searching for terms related to their offering is paramount, and the main benefit of hiring a dedicated SEO & webmaster.

In short, a user that’s searching for information related to a business’s offering is a qualified lead.

Lead Generation and Internet Marketing

Qualified Leads are the Mother’s Milk of Business

For example, a criminal defense law firm that’s engaged in an SEO campaign would target users seeking legal advice following criminal charges or that are actively seeking a criminal defense lawyer to represent them on a criminal charge.

In theory, the user would land on the law firm’s website and either call their offices or send them a message using a contact form of some sort. This user is a qualified lead.

The law firm might hire an SEO to target keywords such as “criminal defense lawyers in Houston” or “top Houston criminal lawyers” or something similar.

Google search for criminal defense lawyers in Houston

Houston SEO companies like VizTV Media Services would attempt to rank high in the search market of users & business owners seeking professional SEO solutions.

We might target keywords such as “Houston SEO company” or “professional SEO consultant.”

Google Search for SEO companies in Houston

Supportive Data for Targeting Keywords Exists

With some research, data that yields the frequency of queries of specific “keywords & phrases” can be obtained, even with regional specificity. Professional tools like SE Ranking and free ones like the Google Keyword Planner & KeyWordTool.IO can be a great help.

With this information, a targeted SEO marketing campaign can be structured, then executed. Such capabilities and data are a huge benefit to businesses with access to talent that can capitalize on these opportunities. We are that “talent.”

Seeking Top Notch SEO Talent?

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VizTV Media Services is an established Texas SEO firm with a proven track record of obtaining success for our clients. We win for them.

The Smartest People on Earth: Our Clients

Many of our clients are more than happy to provide direct testimonials of their success working with VizTV Media Services to improve the performance of their passive and active marketing campaigns.

We serve local and national SEO clients. As a result of our commitment to transparency, we provide detailed documentation of our work and historic growth to our clients monthly. As an agency, provide tangible results to our clients, not dreams & good intentions. They know our value. We fight to provide value. We create value. VizTV Media Services is a valuable asset to its clients.

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SEO for Business: A Quick Study

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