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SEO Reports: Tangible Expressions of Value

Updated: Feb 25, 2023 @ 4:01 AM

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Hiring an SEO is almost like seeking out a snake oil salesman that’s got the genuine stuff. SEO is labor-intensive work that largely goes unseen, and the process takes time. The time it takes to achieve success using SEO as an SEM strategy varies between verticals.

For example, ranking a local professional corporation like a law firm or cosmetic surgeon usually takes less time than ranking a website for a client in a highly competitive & saturated industry like the used car vertical or an even more sinister market like locksmiths. In general, the more competitive a market space, the more time it’s gonna take to rank a site on page 1 in search.

One of the first questions I asked myself as a rookie SEO was, “How do I prove my value in lieu of the client’s website reaching page 1 in Google for their desired keywords & phrases?”

Considering that you’re asking a client to remain committed to paying you for SEO services for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before the goal is achieved, it’s a valid question.

I needed an answer. The answer is always in the numbers.

The Passion of the Hustle Is Revealed in the Numbers

Stats Depicting Growth are Intimately Romantic

SEO Stats and Monthly Reporting

Ensuring that a company’s website lives on page 1 is not as important as getting new clients and new business. If you’re getting more clients and business than you can handle, then who cares if a company’s website is on page 1 or not?

The Reason SEO & Internet Marketing Companies Are Hired

There are only two reasons that a company would consider the expense of hiring an SEO to get their web properties in a prominent position on page 1 of Google. It’s either to generate sales & clients or to promote the recognition of a brand (to get sales later).

Most of our clients want new business. Our recording artist clients want eyeballs to build a fanbase for sales later. The only reason to hire us is for a result.

So, at the end of the day, our objective is to bring in business. That’s the tangible expression of value that our monthly reports embody: the number of new clients and the amount of web traffic we generated. If there’s any problem in any business, know this; sales and new business are the solutions.

Benefits of Keeping a Webmaster SEO on Duty

A Need For Accountability & Responsible Consistency

The Navy Seals of SEO

With the aforementioned in mind, during the course of a VizTV Media Services managed SEO campaign, the client project realizes many benefits. These benefits are realized long before and on the way to reaching the promised land of page 1 dominance in search for broad and specific keywords. We’ve listed a few of these benefits below.

  • The brand’s image will improve.
  • The brand will be promulgated on all web 2.0, video, & social platforms – and updated periodically.
  • The brand’s properties’ stats & contacts will be collected and tracked.
  • The brand will have video support. (We are VizTV Media Services, after all. And yes, we leverage video for SEO.)
  • We rank our clients on YouTube too.
  • The brand’s website will be reviewed continuously & improved. (We’re webmasters, website designers, and web copywriters.
  • The VizTV powered brand will put pressure on the competition. (Small victories are the sweetest!)
  • The brand’s traffic and contact will grow.

That’s the shortlist.

The tangible expression of our monthly reports is showing our clients the growth they’ve earned as a result of hiring VizTV Media Services as their SEO company. SEO is so much more than search engine optimization but is merely a plank of online internet marketing.

An SEO’s Take on Consistency

Consistency in Marketing Without Quality Is a Practice in Futility

Consistency in Marketing With Quality WILL Grow a Business

Consistency in SEO and Internet Marketing

A competent SEO knows that to be successful; they’ll need a good looking brand, original images, a vibrant social media existence, legitimate reviews, video to leverage, fresh & well-written content, high-quality & authoritative backlinks, and a sizable yet variable window time to succeed.

As a result of a consistent effort to improve a brand’s (or client’s) marketability for purposes related to SEO success, they will earn new clients. An SEO or internet market company that’s actively engaged in activities meant to appeal to the success of a client’s project can’t help but grow the business.

Monthly reports related to the project should, in turn, show growth patterns. Our monthly reports track the following;

  • Time users spent on client website.
  • Pages viewed per visitor.
  • Contact page visits.
  • Contact forms sent with access to copies of sent contact forms.*
  • Incoming phone calls with access to our call tracking system with recorded phone calls.*
  • Unique website visitors.
  • Page views.
  • Bounce Rate (percentage of users to hit the site and left without taking a second action.)
  • Current Month Vs. Previous Month
  • Current Month Vs. Same Month Last Years
  • Current Month Vs. Same Month Two Years Ago
  • Current Month Vs. Same Month Three Years Ago
  • Upcoming Changes & Plans
  • Their rank in search for the keywords & phrases we’re targeting.

*Special Note: Knowing the monetary value of a qualified lead is important, but that’s a blog post for another day.

All facets of the monthly reports we send to our clients are independently verifiable. That’s the tangible expression of value our monthly SEO reports express to our clients as they wait for us to finish our work in their respective SEO campaigns.

Monthly SEO Reports: Tangible Expressions of Value

VizTV Media Services, Houston, TX

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