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Leveraging Video for SEO Ranking

Updated: Feb 25, 2023 @ 3:23 AM

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The success of any SEO campaign for search engine prominence on any given topic is predicated on one concept; authority. To be an authority on any given topic, subject, or “search engine market” (think keywords) requires a demonstration of knowledge which is accomplished by publishing relevant and useful content.

Content takes the form of the written word, images, memes, and, more importantly, video. Without good, relevant content, no quest for kingship in any given search engine market (top ranking for specific keywords) should be expected to succeed.

If a brand has good content backing it up, the prerequisites are in place to justify hiring an SEO or pursuing top rankings in the search engines for any given topics (or keywords).

SEO - Content is King

As far as SEO and the Web Goes, Content is King

Video Content is Web Content

What good is a website without any content?

What good would a video sharing site like Vimeo or YouTube be without videos being uploaded?

What good is your brand or company’s web properties without content?

Not good at all. Fail.

As previously stated, content takes the form of images, text, and video. In the hands of a capable SEO, websites with excellent written content and adequately optimized images can rank for whatever keywords relate to that property far easier than a property without.

However, a website with optimized images and written content won’t be able to provide more value to a user than a web property with those attributes that also has dedicated video content. In fact, it’s not even a comparison. Thus, the value of video content.

Furthermore, video content is more engaging than text content and, when strategically embedded on a website, can keep users where you want them, on your website or other web property.

User retention, video content, and user-friendliness are SEO ranking factors. With the mindful implementation of video content, you’ll get the advantage.

SEO for Video Marketing

Video Content is a Dynamic SEO Tool

If Embeddable Videos Have Legs, So Does SEO Efforts

Consider YouTube, the world’s #2 search engine behind Google. Google owns YouTube. Ranking in the search engines is one thing, but ranking on YouTube (for a topic or “keyword”) is another matter.

The most common way folks search for information and solutions is by initiating a search engine query in Google’s search engine and choosing the result that relates best to their needs. The second most common is YouTube. By combining these two resources, you’ll have the SEO advantage over competitors that were asleep at the wheel of driving business. Don’t be asleep at the wheel!

Below, I’ve added a few pointers demonstrating why video content is a fantastic and dynamic SEO tool.

  • Video Content Is Website Content.
  • Video Content Supports & Simplifies Digestion of the Written Word.
  • Video Content Can Be Optimized To Rank #1 In Google!
  • Video Content Can Be Optimized To Rank #1 On YouTube!
  • Video Content Can Be Optimized to Rank in Bing.
    Search Engine Optimization for Video Sharing
    Video provides a number of SEO & marketing benefits that can be easily overlooked.
  • Video Content Can be Embedded, Anywhere, By Users & Webmasters.
  • Video Content Can Be Shared on Social Media Platforms.
  • Video Content Can Be Uploaded to Social Media Platforms.
  • Video Content Can Be Used to Build a Popular YouTube or Vimeo Channel.
  • Video Content Can Be Used For Education, Tutorials, Marketing, Entertainment, Sales, and More!
  • Video Content Can Bring in Money – On Its Own.
  • Video Content compliments SEO Efforts.
  • Video Content Doesn’t Have to Be On The Internet.
  • Video Content Can Be Sold.
  • Over 90% of the above could be accomplished with one video.

We rank videos.

VizTV Media Services is not only a video production company, but we’re also a Houston SEO company. We’re also our own client. In a perfect world, we would have a related video embedded on this blog post that could also stand alone on YouTube. That would be so awesome. Oh, yes, that day is coming.

In short, video content helps to leverage SEO efforts, while SEO efforts help to leverage video content. The two concepts love each other, and they should be together.

Thinking Man

Ready to Leverage Video for Brand Building & SEO?

Contact VizTV Media Services Today!

If you’re the manager or owner of a company that’s ready to dive into the SEO & marketing arena and aren’t sure where to start, we can help!

Whether you’re interested in developing written content for your brand or starting a video production campaign to support current brand-building efforts, let us know. For more information, please shoot us a contact form or give us a call at 713-443-7578.

Don’t be asleep at the wheel of driving business. We’re here for you.

Leveraging Video for SEO Ranking Performance

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