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Video Production Budget Calculator

Apple Pro Res Video Producers in Houston
Apple ProRes Raw Video Producers in Houston
ATOM HDR Capable Video Producers in Houston
Dolby Vision - Houston Video Producers
Dolby Vision - Houston Video Producers
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
5K Video Producers in Houston
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Video Price Calculator
This form was designed to serve as a quote calculator. Fees are calculated in real-time at the bottom of the form. Estimates obtained from the form should not be considered final. However, this estimate form is legit and based on our current service pricing. This form may not account for certain variables. Furthermore, this form may include double pricing for crew in some areas. Final estimates will account for stacked pricing anomalies.

If you would prefer to bypass this form, send us a message.

Desired Film Quality
Please select preferred resolution. Fees are rental costs per camera.
Two cameras (A & B) are usually required. Each selection "implies" one specific camera.
One selection may mean multiple cameras.
Will you need aerial footage?
Aerial footage is great for setting the stage; establishing locations.
Want camera movement during the shoot?
Requires stabilization tools. Results in smooth, fluid camera movement.
Do you want lights with color options?
Requires RGB lighting. Colorful lighting is great for setting moods.
Will you need overhead/elevated footage?
Requires jib crane. Crane shots are great for establishing locations.
Will you need the video edited?
We provide post production services.
Need a video treatment?
We'll plan out your video production, story script, and produce a detailed gameplan & shotlist.
Do you require Apple's ProRes Codec?
If you don't know what this is, select "NO."
Need Livestreaming?
We can stream & switch up to 8 cameras.
Pricing is generated below this point.
Support Gear

Tripods, Light Stands, Tool Kit: $120.00

We'll need this stuff.
Aerial Drone

Drone Fee: $75.00

Includes 45 minutes of flight time. If needed, ask about additional flight time.
Aerial Drone II

FAA Licensed Drone Pilot: $200.00

Stabilization Gear
Select 1 or 2 options. Gimbal - REQUIRED
Track System I: 12-24 Feet Straight
Track System II: 24FT+ Curved for Path

Director I: $750.00

Director II

Director II: $1,000.00


Gear, Light, Power, & Time Mgmt, Camera Ops: $300.00


Key Light: $90.00

Includes color gels & light modifiers.
Lighting II

RGB Light Kit: $30.00

Includes 7 Additional RGB Lights.
Crane Operations

18ft Jib Crane: $560.00

Includes assembly, motorized head and 2-to-3 man operational crew.
Remote Operations I
We won't be able to reach the camera. We'll need this stuff.
Post Production
Select an option for post production.
Treatment Options
Select one.
*Subject to our approval.
Sound Design

Audio Technician: $400.00

HDR Monitor/Recorder

Atomos Shogun 7: $80.00

Provides ProRes, ProRes RAW, and other formats.
Full Frame Lens Kit
Most projects demand the full lens kit.
Super35 Lens Kit
Most projects demand the full lens kit.
Live Streaming

ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K: $1,000.00

Realtime livestream, switch, and record up to 8 cameras.
Live Streaming
Select One.
Livestream Support: Camera Operators

1 Camera Operator: $300.00

Livestream Support: Camera Operators

2 Camera Operators: $600.00

Livestream Support: Camera Operators

3 Camera Operators: $900.00

Livestream Support: Camera Operators

4 Camera Operators: $1,200.00

Livestream Support: Camera Operators

8 Camera Operators: $2,400.00


Special Note: With the exception of post production & treatment development, the fee is a daily rate. Also, more than one camera and additional crew may be required for your production. This is not a binding document, but a tool to give you a strong but rough estimate of video production costs.
Ask about discounts & love. We got it!

On some occasions, variables may include travel, permitting, insurance, hiring specific talent, extras, actors, rentals, venues, set dressing, clothing rentals, pyrotechnics, street closures, catering, marketing, distribution, events, security, props, furniture, power, internet access, shipping, and memory.

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