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The AT&T Colombia Fest Project

Updated: Apr 30, 2023 @ 6:31 PM

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SERVICE: Corporate Video Production
DATE OF SERVICE: July 17th of 2022
PURPOSE OF SERVICE: Special Event Coverage

Back in July of 2022, we had the honor of working with CAA Sports & AT&T during the Colombia Fest which was held in Downtown Houston. The event took place on July 17th of, 2022, in the dead heat of Houston’s summer, and it was a blast!

Our Purpose

Video Coverage of The Columbia Fest for AT&T

Our purpose was to cover the Colombia Fest and capture specific moments of the event and return the final video production product to our client in a timely fashion.

That’s exactly what we did. The first video we turned in was a little too, let’s say, “aggressive” for AT&T’s purposes. But we think the first version of the video is awesome, they should’ve used it, and everyone, including our main client, CAA, loved it!

Check it out!

Version 1

ATT Featured Image 2-1

We invested extensive time in finding the perfect audio track and developing an excellent editing scheme to match the feel of the event. Our goal was to keep the viewer glued, But yea, it was a little spicy for a corporate video.

AT&T Requested A Few Changes

As it turns out, the first video was too long, the edit was too aggressive for AT&T’s tastes, and they wanted different audio.

So, we recut the video to match the new audio track they provided. During the process, we extracted some footage to shorten the video and turned in a clean, precise, corporate-image-friendly video production to our client.

Version 2

ATT Featured Image 2

Need Corporate Video Production Services in Houston?

As you can see, we go above &  beyond the call of duty for our clients, even when it’s overkill. Our goal is to create memorable videos for our clients that impact the viewer and provide a strong representation of our clients.

If you’re a Texas business professional and need an incredible video produced for your company, call VizTV Media Services today! We can be reached at 713-443-7578.

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