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The Han’s Laser Project

Updated: Aug 29, 2022 @ 4:53 PM

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CLIENT: Han’s Laser Corporation
SERVICE: Corporate Video Production
DATE OF SERVICE: April 21st of 2022
PURPOSE OF SERVICE: Video content for trade show.

Corporate Video: The Laser Project for Han’s USA

There’s nothing we love doing more than producing a “fire” video for our corporate clients. Han’s Laser Corporation hired VizTV Media Services to do just that, create an excellent video featuring their all-new laser fiber cutting machine.

They told us what they wanted; an awesome attention-grabbing video for a trade show they would attend in only a week or two.

  • We were excited about the project.
  • They were excited about working with us.
  • We’re excited to be working together.

Video Production Begins!

The Equipment Used on Set

In this video, there are obvious moving panning shots, elevated motion shots, and lots of editing. The equipment we used is an 18-foot crane, 2 Canon cinema cameras, multiple cine lenses, COB lights, a railed camera slider, a motorized gimbal, and various other supporting gear.

We integrated the crane with the motorized gimbal, then integrated it with the camera, and controlled the lens & camera rotation using an iPod and certain crane controls. So, when you see those panning motion shots, you know there’s lots of equipment behind it.

Corporate Video - Hans Laser Corporation

Production Planning

During our meeting with Han’s USA’s representatives, we reviewed one of their previously produced videos and one from their competitors. We respected the quality of the previous work and assured them we would make a superior product.

Our goal was to capture anywhere from 80 to 120 clips of specific aspects of the laser cutting machine and sqeeze them into a short, compelling promotional video. Our client helped us to develop a shot list and a plan of action suitable to their needs.

Once we had our marching orders, we showed up in Katy, TX, to their location and got it done.

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I'm Ray'Von D. Shanklin (AKA VizFact), owner, and founder of VizTV Media Services. I'm a webmaster, SEO specialist, videographer, graphic designer, PPC campaign expert, and an all-around heck of a guy. If you have any questions or need help, reach out to me.

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