Educational Video: TrustMe Ed

CLIENT: TrustMe Ed
SERVICE: Corporate Video Production
DATE OF SERVICE: May 19th 2021
PURPOSE OF SERVICE: To record Dr. Tom Jesson’s 6 video lecture series on the medical condition that’s commonly referred to as “sciatica” on behalf of Nils Oudhuis of TrustMe – Ed, an online learning platform for practitioners.

Nils Oudhuis contacted us back in March of 2021 to schedule the recording of a lecture from a UK doctor that relocated to the United States, namely Michigan, but then decided to leave and relocate to escape tyrannical Covid-19 policies in Michigan.

Educational Lecture: Dr. Tom Jesson

Sciatica - Still
Produced in 2021 For Trust-Me.Ed

Although his first apartment in Houston was extremely small, we squeezed (sqoze?) in there and got the job done. We set up the green screen in his living room, lighting, sound, activated the record function on the camera and, well, mission accomplished.

This video was captured using our Canon EOS C500 Mark II.