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To get an idea of our pricing, we’ve provided a basic review. Each project will have different costs associated with it. All projects have different variables associated with it. The data on this page can not be considered final as it is merely an overview of the budget that may be required for us accept your project with confidence. Call 713-443-7578 for more information and clarity regarding pricing for your project.

(As of January of 2021, this page is outdated. For up to date information contact us.)

Website Design

It can be difficult to establish a general “all encompassing” cost of having a website built. Website construction costs depend on the demands of the owner, and more importantly, the website’s functionality & features. Time required to build custom features, and our clients market, may also be a factor contributing to the associated costs of having a website built.Wonder how much we charge for services?

Why Does The Market Matter?

The environment of some markets may require a more complex web design and content management scheme.

This can be best illustrated by making a comparison between the website of a personal blog versus a national newspaper or magazine, or a comparison between a site built for a small business versus a website for a directory of businesses, or a corporate website that can handle hundreds of users. Most web projects don’t require complex databases and dedicated servers, others, like Facebook or YouTube for example, wouldn’t survive without it.

Prices Range from 500.00 – 5000.00

Most websites we’re hired to build fall within the 600.00 – 2500.00 price range. We also offer contractual web administration agreements for training, and fluid management of the project.

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Prices Range from 350.00 to 1500.00

The right photo is priceless. We do family portraits, cover events, as well as custom photos involving graphic design. In some cases, final images may be post edited to ensure the highest quality photo, or the best looking image. We also offer photo restoration for cases of valuable photos that may be in dire straits.

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Videography & Video Editing

Prices Range from 500.00 – 10,000.00

Our minimum charge for video editing or any video production project is 500.00. The composition of moving graphics, special effects, or CG based videos in artificial environments will require higher budgets.

We’ve produced stage plays, documentaries, events, web marketing videos, commercials, weddings, and music videos.

We recommend budgets between 1,750.00 – 25,000.00 for high quality 4K, 6K, & HDR videos.

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Graphic Design & Logos

Prices Range from 300.00 to 2000.00

Whether its a logo you need, video intro, company graphics, posters, marketing materials, flyers, album covers, web graphics or event tickets, we can help. In some cases we’ve drawn rough drafts by hand, then digitized them prior to finalization.

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Most of our graphic design projects are included with our other offerings on a case by case basis. Call us and talk to us about your specific goals.

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