Corporate Video: Stepp & Sullivan

CLIENT: Stepp & Sullivan, PC
SERVICE: Corporate Video Production
DATE OF SERVICE: November 14th 2019
PURPOSE OF SERVICE: To provide information to new clients by taking advantage of video on the company website. Their intent is to educate new clients about various legal processes before they visit for their initial consultation.

Stepp & Sullivan, PC is a law firm that’s located in the Memorial area of Houston that practices civil & elder law. They contacted us back in mid-November of 2019 about producing corporate videos for an upcoming client-education section of their website. We’ve produced 12 videos for them so far, with more to come.

The Video We Produced

More About This Video

I’m happy with the quality of this video production. The audio was excellent and the video quality, crisp. We created the animation of their logo and purchased licensed audio for the background music. Our client is proud of this video and, based on the level of excellence we demonstrated to them, they’re gonna let us run their SEO & PPC campaign too.

This video was recorded using a Canon C300 Mark I.

Corporate Video Production

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