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Image Reconstruction: Coffee Graphics

Updated: Dec 7, 2021 @ 11:41 PM

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CLIENT: Private Citizen, Houstonian
SERVICE: Graphic Design, Image Restoration
DATE OF SERVICE: April 16th of 2015
PURPOSE OF SERVICE: Restore vintage graphics for home decoration project.

Back in April of 2015 we were contacted by a homeowner in East Downtown Houston that was in the final stages renovating and decorating their new home.

A Unique Home

Their home was formerly the world headquarters of Gold Medal Coffee Co. Inc. of Houston, TX. It appears the company is defunct and was purchased by one of the big brands that’s around today.

Anyway, upon cleaning out their home they found lots of relics from the defunct business which include signage, old coffee packing bags, and other branding devices for the promotion of the company brand.

A Decorating Idea

Upon finding the old branding material our client had an idea; get the graphics restored and use the updated material to decorate certain parts of the home. However, the graphics were in terrible shape.

They knew they needed professional assistance.
They made contact with VizTV Media Services.

One of the Problem Graphics

Red White Bag - Small

As you can see, the remnants of what was a coffee package was nothing more than a shell of its former self. Our client trusted that we could pull off the project, and that’s what we did.

Coffee Bag Graphic - Red & White - Complete

Another of the Problem Graphics

The Original
The Original

This is one of the other graphics our client wanted brought back to life. As you can see, our final work product is remarkably close to the original.

Graphic Repaired by VizTV Media
Graphic Repaired by VizTV Media

The Final Injured Graphic

Injured Circular Coffee Graphic

This is a circular branding graphic that was also in shambles. We made it right and produced a physical version of the results. See Below.

The Main Graphic, The Big One

It's me! Staring in "Victory Lap."
It’s me! Staring in “Victory Lap.”

Vintage Graphic Restoration

Yes. Our client demanded that the circular Gold Medal Coffee branding graphic be delivered to him in a physical format, big. As you can see in the image of him and I above, we got the business handled with a touch of maximum pimpsauce-worthy excellence.

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