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About J-Roc

AKA, James Vaughn

Capitaine Roc

His Biography & Professional Profile

(In his final form)

J-Roc is a mighty fine individual, the undisputed paragon of awesomeness, a creative genius, a family man, founding member of the Unstoppable Bad Asses, founding member of Tha Federation, and a native Houstonian from Clinton Park – on the East Side. He was made in Houston, TX.

A champion caliber martial artist before the age of 12, it is rumored that he taught Chuck Norris everything he knows about self defense, disarming opponents, and being a man. The sources of the rumors are reputable individuals who are the epitome of credibility.

To get a good understanding of J-Roc you have to work really really hard and earn a new understanding of the concept of walking. He doesn’t walk like the rest of us. He steps, applies pressure and torque to God’s Earth, and the planet (weighing 1.317 × 10^25 lbs) moves and turns in the direction he wants to go in while forcing the solar system to readjust to maintain the stability of all affected gravitational fields that may be affected by him taking a walk. That’s J-Roc, a full-blooded Texan.

The History of Capitaine Roc

An Overview of the Meaning of Awesome

J-Roc’s nickname came from a playground incident in Clinton Park. They were playing basketball at the park and he kept throwing  bricks at the basket. Then, in frustration at the potential for losing (as usual), Michael Jenkins, a childhood friend, started calling him J-Rock.

J-Roc has used multiple names throughout his existence which include J-Roc, Rocalypse (a play on the invincible Apocalypse of Marvel Comics), Capitaine Roc, Super Saiyan Red Rock, James Vaughn and Hanzo The Violator. J-Roc’s name is Jamerson Vaughn.

He is a proud father, loving husband, and often the subject and target of unrelenting and abusive verbal assaults being hurled in his direction by Viz. (It’s all in love though.)

J-Roc is an avid fan of contemporary arts, gaming, comic lore, competitive combat arts, and all forms of art. If you’re looking for a creative edge or need access to a foundry of creative ideas, he’s the man to spend a few minutes with. He has always been an artist.

In fact, the artistic flair within him helped him to overcome numerous challenges in his early life that stemmed from his environment. He used his talents to overcome being ridiculed and bullied during his growing years. You don’t survive Clinton Park without passing a trial by fire. He survived Clinton Park. He passed his trial by fire.

He is (strategic pause) … J-Roc.


That Which Rocalypse Does

Since roughly 2007 J-Roc has continuously worked to develop his skills as a videographer, graphic designer, video editor, and artificial environment creation (compositing) specialist.

Listed below is some of what our Super Saiyan Red Rock does;

Video Editing & Video Production & Animation
Cinema Camera Operation
Get Yelled at By Viz, for Things
Video Compositions
Action Sequence Choreography
Graphic Design & Photo Editing
Set Dressing & Grip
Key Grip
Video Editing
Forklift Operator
Graphic Design
Video Production
Video Editing
Color Grading