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VizTV Media Services provides videography, video editing, music video production, web design, website hosting, graphic design, search engine optimization, cinematography, a superior work ethic, and non-restrictive pricing to persons or organizations who are looking for advanced creative services.

We’ve worked with nationally distributed magazines, nationally renown law firms, radio stations, record labels, nationally recognized brands, industrial plants, Fortune 500 companies, individuals, musicians, and charities. If you’re considering the production of an original media project, let us know. We’ll help.

VizTV Media Services

VizTV Media Services

Considering a video or a web design project? Contact us and tell us about your project. We are always available to our clients. Whether its a photo editing project, graphic design, or you need video editing, we’ll keep you with us every step of the way until your project is complete to your satisfaction.


Houston contract photographer and photo editing service.


Looking for a professional contract photographer in the Houston area? Let us know about your project! We also edit photos that may be tarnished, discolored, or in need of customization.

VizTV Media is a premiere Houston website design and SEO consultant.

>>S.E.O. & Web Design

SEO and Web Design should go hand in hand. If its a new project, it should have the best elements of SEO built in from the ground up. If the website is a redesign project, the same applies.

VizTV Media Services is a graphics designer. We design logo's as well as branding graphics.

>>Graphics & Logos

Graphics, branding, and a recognizable logo is what every business, or independent entity, must have in order to establish itself as a viable recognizable identity. This area of marketing may seem minute, but its important.

VizTV Media offers high definition video production with crisp quality editing.

>>Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words imagine the quantifiable results of a well leveraged video. We offer high definition video, and audio production as well as video editing and publishing. Let us know your vision of your project.


VizTV Media Services is a Houston area professional cinematographer.


We’ve shot and edited videos for entertainers , corporate use, commercials, and public events. Having your videography needs met can alleviate a lot of the pressure that comes with the territory of scheduling events. Not to mention capturing a high definition recording of the occasion with full confidence in the final product.


Higher Standards

An operational website that users can find is one of the most cost effective ways to connect with your potential fans, clients, and customers. Some of most important factors in determining if a website is a quality product are user friendliness, functionality, and quality content. Also deserving a high priority mention is search engine visibility.

Its a great practice to gain repeat business from people you are already acquainted with, but an entirely different conversation as it relates to meeting new people via the internets then converting them into new clients. VizTV Media can help with this endeavor via hands on operations, and the training of your staff to manage your web presence.

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VizTV Media Offers…

  • Mobile Ready Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Original Written Web Content
  • Internal, and External Linking
  • Social Community Integration
  • User Friendly, Fast Websites*

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*Individual users’ internet connection speed, and quality may vary.


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