Photo Editing

When hiring a photographers we often don’t think about whether we’ll want titles added, graphics added or removed, logos, or quotes within our final images. Sometimes, we may even want colors changed.

With VizTV Media’s Photo Editing and photo restoration service you can have confidence that your photos are retouched, and editing to your liking. We make sure to keep our clients in the loop about whats going on with their photo restoration projects, and make sure to disclose any applicable creative possibilities to add more value to the final product.

Contract Photo Editing

Photo Restoration Houston, TX

(We Accept Clients Globally)

Expect the following when hiring VizTV Media for your photo editing needs;

  • Photo editing.
  • Background Removal (Ditigal Cutouts on a Transparent Background)
  • Color correction and/or replacement.
  • Text and title additions.
  • Beautiful borders and vignettes.
  • Image enhancement.
  • Photo restoration.
  • Retouching.
  • Combining multiple images.
  • Making washed out colors “pop”.
  • And More…

Contract Photo Editing and Photo Restoration | Houston, TX