Corporate Video: Bennett & Bennett

CLIENT: Bennett & Bennett
SERVICE: Corporate Video Production
DATE OF SERVICE: August 21st of 2019
PURPOSE OF SERVICE: Website content. Our client’s desire is to have a video on each page of his website for the purpose of improving their search engine authority, increasing the time visitors spend on site, adding a human element to the on-page content, and to have niche-specific videos available online and ready to compete in the marketplace.

Bennett & Bennett is a criminal justice law firm that’s based in Downtown Houston. Attorneys Mark & Jennifer Bennett are SEO clients of ours and have been since December of 2016. We manage their website, SEO campaign, and their overall web presence. From time to time we schedule video production session for the purpose of implementing video content on all of the 60+ pages on their website. Video is good for business.

Mark likes participating in improv performances. He understands the importance of video. We like improve performances and understand the power and value of video too. We work well together.

The Video We Produced

More About This Video

I’m happy with the quality of this video production. The audio was excellent and the video quality, crisp.

This video was recorded using a Canon C300 Mark I.

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