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Company Website Not Being Found on the Web?

All businesses benefit when their website can be found on page one or two of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Every SEO Firm in existence promises to be able to get your website visibility on page 1 of Google.

Then it doesn’t happen.

Unfortunately, these things happen from time to time.

Your company’s website has a disease we’re going to jokingly call Google-itus. This syndrome is generally caused by poor labeling, rushed labor, non-existent attention to detail, and poor understanding of search engine optimization.

No hard working business owner should have to deal with a webmaster, web designer, or SEO firm who takes advantage of a small business owners’ lack of understanding with regard to such complex matters as SEO. Then bills them for it.

Generally what happens is they hire a webmaster, payout boatloads of money, get promised the world, payout boatloads of money again, and end up with nothing to show for the investment they’ve made in their websites other than a half baked web portal which serves little, if any, purpose to your business.

VizTV Media Services of Houston, TX can change that.

Website Not Bringing In The Traffic?

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National SEO & Local SEO

If you have a business and are looking to target your local market, the methodology of search engine optimizing a website for the web would be different than targeting global traffic. In a world of fierce competitive market environments, any business should benefit from having an edge on the web.

VizTV Media Services can provide this edge.

Web Mechanics change when Optimizing a Website to Target Local Markets.

Most Houston search engine optimization firms understand this fact, but lack the bright personnel with the specialized insight needed to implement “CUSTOM LOCAL SEO” for a business that intends to conduct and capture business in a small or local area.

For example, car dealerships.

I see SEO firms post listings for help with SEO for auto dealership websites all over Craigslist, all the time.

When you target (visit) the website they are hoping to improve, you run across highly generic content with poor SEO qualities that aren’t prudent to the goal of converting traffic into dollars.

Their website content usually has no respect for the local area, or the customs of that area, and is poorly plagiarized.

VizTV Media Services, A Houston, TX SEO firm, understands apparent nuances of optimizing a website, or a PPC campaign, to target a small area. We write original content tailored to fit specific regions, and optimized to bring in potential new business from that area, on the web.

(We also offer original search engine optimized website content writing.)

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World Wide SEO

Global Traffic website visitor targeting means we’ll have to engage in lots of keyword research prior to search engine optimizing a website to bring in business, or website traffic, from sources worldwide.

In this instance, extremely well optimized and properly targeted content is key.

High quality content, and a fairly moderate amount of it, may help a little bit, but a good implementation of what we call “micro SEO” will give your website a nudge in the right direction.

Content Optimization & SEO

Content optimization, as I am referring to it, means having some forethought of how content featured on your company website will affect the user.

With goals of a website supplementing your business, which should be viewed as a publicly available content management & review apparatus, we have to consider converting website visitors into customers as we work on your project.

Easier said than done, but nevertheless doable in the sense of mixing good business sense, and distribution of your specialized industry knowledge, with usability, functionality, interpretation, and ease of use in a digestible format.

VizTV Media Services understands the benefit of high quality, search engine optimized content to a business’s bottom line, and we work to implement it.

The knowledge of our client about their field of expertise is the basis of any website optimization project we undertake.

Our SEO Results are Verifiable. SEO Client References are Available upon Request.

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