Album, CD, and MP3 Cover Art

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Enter Muzik Box Music, a dance/pop group based in Houston, TX.

The group includes Aaron Arnez, Lisa Raquel, and their dear leader, Caleb Huntsberry.

Not only did we design their CD Cover, we also designed their website, shot their music video, and are currently in the process of editing the music video.

When Mr. Caleb Huntsberry came to us about the “Fabulous” project, and explained what he wanted in his CD cover, colors, action, and fun, we worked our magic, based on his ideas, and came up with a cover that him and his team were happy with, and proud of.

We also launched their very first official YouTube Channel so they can capture all the credit they deserve without having their impact diluted across the channels of other videographers they’ve worked with in the past.

Due to the strong relationship we’ve developed with the good people at Muzik Box Music, we expect to be an integral part of their media production, and other operations, for years to come.

Be on the look out for the music video!

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This is the first CD/MP3 cover art that we was asked to design by one of our Houston area music video clients for a single he released and is currently marketing in Nigeria.

Since we shot and directed his music video, we were already aware of the spirit of the song so we knew it would be something involving Africa and his mother. He told us he wanted to represent Africa in the artwork, but in a modern/contemporary fashion, and with his mother in the picture, mixed in Africa “somehow”.

When he saw the final version of the graphic work, we was excited and said “This was it”.

What that says to us is that the CD cover art we designed had the “it” factor and was a winner in the eyes of our client.

Nothing makes the tedious work of graphic design worthwhile like having a client get excited about the final outcome of a project.

The MP3 for Mama Joanna is available on iTunes. Get it now.

FYI: We Also Did The Artwork on His Head. (The skull art was hand painted onto his scalp prior to the music video shoots.)

This isn’t business. It’s art with money involved.

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Jus Kno Mac represents the home team (Tha Federation) and is actually one of newest members of the family. He came to us with music that forced us into releasing our first independent album.

We, VizTV Media Services of Tha Federation, had complete creative control (for better or for worse) over the design, look, spirit, and feel, of the cover art for his Freshman release of “Macillac Music”.

The artwork shown here is actually the first version of this cover and was composed for the single we released named “Have Mercy”. However, it was our intent to use the existing design as cover art for the full album release which only differs by the “Have Mercy” text being changed to “Macillac Music”, and a minor adjustment to the dollar drip effect up top, as well as for general branding.

Music videos are in the concept stage.

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We keep em’ coming back. The reason is simple. We’re good friends with these people.

Its easy to develop a strong relationship with people who like your work. We aren’t viable unless we outdo ourselves at every given opportunity and according to our client, we did just that with the cover art for the single “Naija Song”.

We also shot the music video for this single, but we’re aren’t the shop editing it. The video files were sent to another video editor overseas and we’ve been told that we may end up editing the video if their in-house editor’s final cut doesn’t make the cut.

We wanted to push the envelope with the perfect implementation of our client’s demands. He wanted to represent Nigeria, the diversity of the ethnicity of the people, and his singing talent on the cover. He also made it clear that he wanted Nigeria’s coat of arms on the cover. The gold strips and edge perforations was all VizTV Media baby!

It wouldn’t be fair (to us) if we didn’t add the fact that we didn’t even do a photoshoot for the image of the artist holding the microphone on the cover art. We used a video still from the video shoot.

Our new camera owns humanity.

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