Factors to Consider if Building a Website, or Having One Built

Depending on how deep and rich you want your website to be will dictate how much pre-thought should go into your website prior to development.

When I say deep and rich, I’m saying the most successful websites provide the most value to the user and the internet as a whole. If a website can embody that concept, then it will likely serve the purpose intended for it. The purpose intended for most websites are sharing content, promoting a brand, or driving sales.

When I talk to my potential clients who are looking to have a website built, I ask them to consider the following;

  • Web Design Budget.
  • How many visitors a day are you “realistically” expecting to traffic your site?
  • Do you have an advertising budget?Houston Texas Web Design and SEO website
  • Do you have an understanding of SEO?
  • Who and where is your target market?
  • Do you plan to administrate the website yourself, or will you hire a webmaster?
  • Do you intend to have a static website, or a website that you will continuously add fresh and new content to?
  • Do you intend to grow the site now, or in the future?
  • What purpose will your website serve that user that isn’t interested in being your customer?
  • What type of functionality do you want your website to have? (Radio, video, users can add content, etc.,)
  • Are you visible in the social networking universe?

(Cosmetic factors should remain a final priority, but a priority none the less. Good looking, informative websites convert into sales, however, it’s important to get people to use the website first prior to making investments in bling, or expecting sales.)

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The points highlighted above are a few general considerations that I feel any prudent web owner should have prior to having a website built, or attempting to build one.

Building a website without a clear and concise plan is akin to opening a can of worms.

Its going to be a disaster.

The most important of the above factors, which I believe is the holy grail of prudent webmastery, is continuous fresh and new content. Also, a keen understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and related concepts. Adding fresh and new content can be a challenge at first, but it’s easy once a person develops a good understanding of how to quickly add relevant content while keeping within the mechanics and spirit of SEO.

The more content you have (quality content which serves a purpose) the more credibility you have.

The more credibility you have, the least resistance you’ll have in converting sales.

Since I am a credible source on this issue, I’d say this particular write up serves a purpose, fulfills a need, and gave someone a nudge in the right direction as far as whether to hire VizTV Media Services to build their website, or a gift of insight into how to build a quality web product. Also, what to look for in a webmaster.

If we sold Air Conditioners, I’d probably write a few posts per month on how to extend the life of, or get more performance out of your air conditioner or heater, for example. Or, post about new products & services the company is offering.

If the webmaster, or person publishing the content, has a good understanding of SEO fundamentals, adding fresh and new content to a website can and will bring in new traffic, first time potential customers or clients, from the internets.

The next step, converting incoming web traffic into a positive “umph” for the bottom-line.

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Important Factors to Consider When Building a Website

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