Music Video – Shut Up & Dance

We never thought we would get international clients for music video editing, but we got one. Mr Khylune contacted us from Malaysia by email inquiring about prices for the editing of a music video. He also intended to submit the video to MTV.

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To have a music video considered for airing on MTV; logos, or any branding, can not be present. Not even on clothing. Music Video – Shut Up and Dance

Pricing went up slightly due to hundreds of frames needing spot blurring for the purpose of having Armani logos edited out of his shirt.

This final edited version, with branding edited out, is in the possession of Mr Khylune.

The videographer filmed against windowed sunlight, which we don’t recommend, which created the need for us to add a cartoon like outlining to make the scene usable.

All in All, we’re happy with this video, and the final edit.

We’d also like to send a special thank you to Mr Khylune for coming to Houston and taking us to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in The Galleria.

Filmed by iCandi Malaysia

Music Video Edited and Produced By VizTvMedia Services

Music Video – Shut Up and Dance