Houston Wedding Photographer

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If you are in looking to hire a friendly professional in the Houston area to capture the memorable moments of your wedding then call us today at 713-443-7578.


VizTV Media Will Travel

We will travel to any wedding venue, or church, in the Greater Houston Area hockey jerseys and South East Texas to film and photograph Cheap Oakleys your wedding. We are passionate videographers and photographers. We strive to produce the absolute highest quality content for ourselves, and our clients.


The following are included in our wedding package;

  • Color Schemes. Ask custom jerseys about having themes or color schemes implemented in your media.
  • Marques. An original marque, or logo, specifically composed to commemorate your oakley outlet wedding.
  • Photo Styling.Vignettes, Borders, Marques, Color Removal or Addition, Enhancements, Titles and Sub-titles.
  • Raw No digital files. Who doesn’t want their originals saved on a memory card and cheap oakley sunglasses delivered to them?
  • Web Publishing.Ask about a having a website dedicated to your wedding.
  • Videography. A post produced video production of your wedding complete with intro sequences, cuts, titles, and subtitles, produced to the web, DVD, or both.


Houston Area Wedding Photographer