This web design, or website redesign project, for Houston, TX based insurance agent, is the largest and most complex web design projects we’ve ever undertaken.


(Temporary Graphic)

USAinsurance features a gateway-type home page buffered by a graphical user interface where the user must enter the site by selecting their state for the purpose of targeted insurance product marketing.

After a state is selected, the user is taken to a page where they can select one of nine possible insurance products.

After the user selects their desired insurance product, they are presented with a number of auto-generated offers directly related to their choice and where they may live.

A very interesting project indeed. We accepted it.

The Executables

  • Installed an HTML5 map of the United States and linked each state graphic to its respective page.
  • Obtained graphic representations of all 50 state flags representing these here United States.
  • Installed 50 state flags to the HTML5 map respective to its designated state which are viewable when the user’s mouse pointer hovers over its respective territory.
  • Wrote 50 unique pop-up messages for each territory represented in the map which are viewable when the user’s mouse pointer hovers over its respective territory.
  • Mass created 500+ pages for the website for the purpose of targeted marketing and customization later. (We’ll explain more later in this post.)
  • Created a Google+ page for the project.
  • Created a Facebook page for the project and obtained likes.
  • Designed graphics for each insurance product, the website header, the G+ & Facebook page thumbnail & header graphic.
  • Optimized each of the 500+ pages with relative meta-tags.
  • All 500 pages are unique.
USA Insurance Social Media Header

USA Insurance Social Media Header (Temporary Graphic)

Why 500+ Pages?

To be honest, this project could have been done with only about 10-20 pages. However, having everything, including the pages, auto-generated, would limit the ability to customize each page in the future.

One scenario presented to us was, “What if I want to run an ad for people in Colorado, but I don’t want people in Texas to see it?“.

Or, “What if I want to target all 50 State’s auto insurance page for advertising/selling ad space, and not have the changes appear on other products regardless of state?“.

There are a number of ways to tackle that situation, but since this is a 16+ year old project (around since the beginning of the internets as it relates to the masses), we felt it justified to just build it out to the maximum.

Due to the project’s longevity, and the seriousness of the owner, we felt this was a good coarse of action because it keeps the door open for any future possible changes without the need for another redesign, and we know the people behind the project are serious so we can feel comfortable about turning over the keys to the project later. Otherwise, we would have went the quick and easy route.

Its a Huge Website, but not Cumbersome

We even built in a God-Mode. In theory, we can target all 50 auto insurance pages and issue a global command with 1 action, or change 50 of the pages with one action, or go in and simply change one of the pages without affecting the others.

We can also change every single page on the site with 1 action. We can micromanage, or globally manage the site, with equal effort. It is also infinitely expandable. Another sweet reward is that no one would ever know how massively huge the site really is. In fact, it looks empty.

This project was finished ahead of schedule.

Visit USAinsurance.


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