Social Media Design; It Matters

In today’s world, consumers associate aesthetics and eye-popping marketing materials with quality and best-of-breed brands. While this truth is unfortunate, it doesn’t mean that a quality business, entertainer, or service provider can’t compete with their mediocre competitors who happened to do a better job in the art & marketing department.

VizTV Media Services is on your side. Does The Business Exist? Does the business have a social media presence at all? If not, drop everything. Call us at 713-443-7578. We Guestlist need to talk. If your project is present on the main social media outlets then we have to ask ourselves an important question; “Does it look the part?”. If the answer is “NO”, lets review the value of social media design.

Social Media Usage Statistics (U.S.)

Statistics Based on Data Accumulated in 2015



YouTube has 170 million active monthly users in the United States.


Twitter has 65 million active monthly users in the United States.


Facebook has 158 million active monthly users in the United States.


Pinterest has 47 million active monthly users in the United States.


LinkedIN has 128 million active monthly users in the United States.


G+ has 6 million active monthly users in the United States.
As the “U.S. monthly active user” count on the various social networks illustrates, business potential on the social networks is great. Opportunities for brand marketing and image reinforcement are also available. There are also ways to siphon business from the social networks, and methods to communicate with your existing customers. Learn more about SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.

First Impressions

In short, one of the most common life hacks, “First Impressions”, applies online. The same folks online are the same people in the real world, so the same rules of presentation apply.

If your business or project is professionally presented online, your potential client/customer will subconsciously take it seriously and appreciate it more than if otherwise.

If given the opportunity to make a good first impression, do it. It’s good for business.

A professional appearance (graphics customized to fit relative social media profiles) says a lot about you and/or the business being championed. A good looking social media profile will even affect a consumer’s confidence, spurring that all-important 1st interaction.

Carry your business well online, it shows.

The Power of 2nd Impressions

Per renown Princeton University psychologist Alexander Todorov’s research, within 1/10th of a second of meeting someone, a person develops a positive or a negative impression of them.

We may be taught not to judge a book by its cover, but when we see a new face, our brains decide whether a person is attractive and trustworthy within a tenth of a second, according to recent Princeton research. – Princeton University

The same applies to situations when consumers are given visual information that will or should entice a persuasion. If the previously stated is true, then we always make 2nd impressions. The power of the 2nd impression: when they realize their initial impression was wrong, they’re impressed.

In other words, it’s never too late to improve your image.

The Bottom Line

Potential Customers & Clients will visit a business’s G+ & Facebook pages to check for likes, activity, and especially reviews.

As a rule of thumb, the more important the business of expensive the item or service, the more likely the customer/client will seek out customer reviews on social networks prior to making a purchasing decision. These visitors are highly likely to visit your social media accounts when looking to buy. In these instances, looking the part could matter tremendously.

Let’s take a look at an example of social media design in play.

Custom Twitter Graphics

Custom Facebook Graphics


Custom Google+ Graphics

Although G+ has the lowest monthly U.S. user rate, it’s the most important social media network.

Featured above is one of the social media graphic design projects we completed for one of our long term law firm marketing clients, The Cloud Law Firm P.C. With the law firm’s various social media properties outfitted with customized branding graphics that were designed to exacting specifications, their global social presence is in solid harmony with their website. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to branding, and helping the customer to develop a familiarity with the identity of the organization.


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