Business Videography Portfolio

Market Your Business In Style With Marketing or Presentation Video

This video production for American Exploration Inc., was intended to help with a business presentation to help the firm gain access to oil fields in the west African nation of Equatorial Guinea.

Our client was adamant about selling the fact of their firm having the experience, manpower, banking, and logistics infrastructure in place to facilitate the immediate extraction of crude from Equatorial Guinea’s offshore crude assets.

Although we didn’t get the budget needed to make this video presentation the best possible, we made due with the resources we had available. Our client was pleased and excited with the video presentation of their energy firm.

One day, back in the Summer of 2013, we received a phone call directly from AramarkĀ® requesting the immediate dispatch of a videographer to film an oration from one of the executives involved in a partnership between H.I.S.D. (Houston Independent School District) and themselves, as a result of the policies of Dr. Rod Paige.

We weren’t hired to edit the video, but to film it and the audio, and get it back to their media team via data transfer online.

We did just that, and they were pleased with the video.

This version of the video was produced by VizTV Media for presentation purposes.

This video was produced for a long-time friend of our CEO who is now the owner of a leading Houston area home remodeling and renovation general contractor named HVH Remodeling of Houston. The main purpose of the video was for it to serve as complimentary website content for people interested in hiring HVH Remodeling of Houston for general contracting who end up browsing their website. However, since the video production is on YouTube, it also serves as a marketing asset which could expose potential clients, who are using Google Search and YouTube, to his business in the event they search for a related service.