I had a great time with the fellas at Yank Mob Records in North Houston, during the shooting of this video. This the first music video shoot in which I used both of my new cameras and my camera dolly.

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This video editing process consisted of hundreds (I lost count) of effects, cuts, animations, and blends, and is my latest and greatest display of production capability. I have to admit, I started getting excited when I was editing the video because I knew how fresh it would feel.video Editor houston video editing

I know its a super fast edit, but that’s how I rolls. If you are looking for a slower, smoother edit, let me know.

I did a lot of simple things that I’ve never seen done in a music video before, nothing major, but a welcomed touch of flavor to cure the disease of common video editing routines.

This video was shot on Ella Blvd, & I-45 North near the 1960 exit in Houston, TX.

The Bottom Line:
Tools Used to make this Video: A Lot! I did most of the video edit with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Also Used Power Director 10.
Edits and Effects: Hundreds (Its easy when I do it.)
Video Sequences Used: 15 or more
Price Range For a Video Like This: 400.00 to 750.00

Music Video: Hustlin is a Habit

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