When a team member first purchased the Canon T3i DSLR, and a number of lenses, for VizTV Media it caught me by surprise because I was just getting comfortable with the Nikon D3100 that we recently purchased.

Having two new cameras was a bit overwhelming at first, because a DSLR camera is a precision instrument, and to have purchased two of them from different manufacturers, in a short period of time, caused some havoc with the learning curve.Canon T3i DSLR Movie Camera

However, after a few months of taking pictures, shooting videos, and studying the common settings of DSLR cameras, its becoming easier to get the results we want out of the technology.

The Canon T3i is certainly worth the price it commands which is under 600.00. There’s even a function that allows the previewing of photos and video from an external device, in my case, a laptop.

Camera Control From an External Device

Yes, the Canon T3i comes with a software component which will allow you to adjust ISO settings, F Stop, Aperature, and many more settings from a laptop for example, previewed in real time. You can even snap the photo (control the camera) from the external device.

I was impressed with this feature because I was hoping for a similar feature with the Nikon, but there wasn’t one.

Better Video Quality

I have noticed a higher quality in video, and photo resolution due to the higher megapixel count of the Canon T3i over the Nikon D3100. We’re talking about an 18MP resolution offered by the Canon versus 14MP capabilities of the Nikon.

The difference of the output quality was easily noticed.

I was also happy with the external microphone option, but was unhappy with not having the option to shoot video at 720p at 30 fps. I was impressed with the fact that it offered 720 at 60fps though. This will be great for slow-motion sequences. I normally shoot in 1080p full HD, but in some instances, I will shoot in 720p, and having the option to record at 30 frames per second would have been welcomed.

However, wanting 720p at 30fps from a source video of 60fps is easily resolved during software video editing.

We finished investing in DSLR cameras for the foreseeable future, our next move is to purchase a high end HD camcorder, commonly referred to as a movie camera.

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